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    The Animal Foundation called perilous place for lost pets – Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-22 12:44:14 –

    Las Vegas (KTNV) — If your pet goes missing in Las Vegas, Clark County, or North Las Vegas, you may eventually arrive at the Animal Foundation.

    Employees and pet owners have also contacted 13 investigations, saying shelters are dangerous places for pets.

    We have been investigating neglect allegations at The Animal Foundation for months.

    This launches an exclusive multipart series to expose endangered shelters.

    Eight-year-old Xy’nae and 11-year-old Zaelaeah had two best friends.

    Related: The CEO of the Animal Foundation has announced his retirement amid growing pressure and criticism of shelter operations.

    Arani and Amer of the Pitbull called “The Man of the House”.

    “I chose him after all, and when we got him, he looked so adorable!” Xy’nae exclaimed.

    The dog-only living room has a photo of the entire wall.

    Xy’nae especially likes the picture “They made a small heart with their feet”.

    “Some people are unaware of the affection and affection that animals give, but both of our dogs have taken me and my children to many difficult times. Even after experiencing COVID, My kids had a lot of trouble with it, and they do so go out with the dog and call it a therapy session, “Tray Thomas said.

    On October 11, a heavy storm damaged the kennel in the backyard of the Thomas family.

    I also blew some of the shared fence while working on the tray.

    A neighbor called animal management.

    “I’ve never been in this situation before, and nothing was left on my door about who to contact, where to go, or anything of its nature,” Tray said. Told.

    The next day she learned that Arani and Amer had been taken to the Animal Foundation.

    “I started looking at their website and say it’s there to schedule appointments and also to send emails.”

    So she sent an email and then started calling every day.

    “45 minutes of hold between being sent to a full voice mailbox and hanging up. I wasn’t contacted until October 22nd, but it was about a dog.”

    The Animal Foundation has asked her to reply by email with her contact number.

    “No one called me. No one contacted me. Nothing. So, on the 30th, I and my children appeared.”

    “And when we first got there, I was a little scared because we didn’t know if we were going to get them back or where they were,” Zaeleaah recalls.

    After waiting for nearly an hour, Tray says two employees came out.

    “And they kept mentioning our bitch, and I asked about two dogs, a boy and a girl. Where is my boy?”

    The answer was catastrophic.

    Ameer was euthanized on October 15, a week before The Animal Foundation responded to Tray’s first email.

    “I took the kids and didn’t think it was the news we were trying to get. And everything was needed to stay calm. I was hysterical. The kids were. Hysterically, I asked how and why I killed the kids. Family ?! It all started when the fence collapsed, so it’s a question that kids can’t answer! “

    This document, given to the tray by the Animal Foundation, lists her dog as a stray dog.

    However, her security cameras show the animal management of her neighbor and her home on the day the dog was taken.

    “You took them out of their house! They were in our property at the time of the pickup. They were in our yard!” Tray says. “How can I record on paper what they were wondering when they were here?”

    The Animal Foundation did not tell us about the dogs on the tray.

    Tray is still looking for an answer.

    The Animal Foundation has cited action as a reason to put Ameer down.

    When Tray asked Sergeant Animal Care about that, “She told me she was showing aggressive behavior when both dogs picked up. My question to her was,” Which dog is Wouldn’t it? ” “

    Why didn’t anyone at the Animal Foundation come back to her when she first contacted her?

    “The only reason I was told that there was a shortage of staff was that I didn’t answer, didn’t answer the phone, or didn’t answer.”

    The Animal Foundation said the shelter “accepts an average of 25,000 animals each year and protecting their health and safety is our top priority … the shortage of veterinarians and labor across the country is affecting them. But our work … we are taking the necessary steps to improve the procedure and we continue to take care of the animals. “

    Tray didn’t see that commitment.

    “We don’t have a dog. I was given a piece of paper that my dog ​​was in the freezer.”

    The experience of the Thomas family is not an isolated case.

    “Diti is a rescue cat we rescued six years ago,” said Bridget Nave. “The moment we took him home, he was already home. It seemed he was going to be with us. He’s my kid. It’s me and my family. It’s not just a cat for me. “

    One night in October, while unloading groceries, Bridget supported and opened the door between the house and the garage.

    Diti saw a chance to explore and took it.

    “After noticing that he was gone, we looked at him on the camera, and he was sneaking out.”

    She visited the neighborhood, posted leaflets and posted on social media.

    “We’re messed up. I can’t sleep very well. I always get up and go out the window and check the camera. I break down a lot.”

    After repeatedly checking the Animal Foundation website to see if Diti was accidentally picked up by Animal Control, he said, “Look at the pictures of what I thought looked exactly like him and all at the same weight. I made a phone call. Voice mail. I sent the mail immediately. “

    She kept calling while driving to the shelter.

    “No one answered. When I got down there, only one was working.”

    The shelter was just open for the day.

    “He goes back and comes back there for 30 minutes and says the cat is now ready for surgery, and I said,” My cat has already been repaired. ” Then he goes, “Well, the cat is a girl, so it’s not yours.”

    She left, but said something didn’t feel right.

    She went back in and talked to another employee.

    She told me to go back and take a picture of the cat.

    Then Bridget said they came back and “no pictures” in preparation for surgery.

    They reiterated that cats are female, despite what Bridget saw on the website.

    “I said I saw a male cat for the first time. After I went there to talk to them, I was always checking the website, and I still do, but It was sudden. Unknown. I had no sex anymore. “

    Fearing confusion, she sent her husband back later that afternoon.

    “He got down there at 3 pm and wasn’t seen until 5:45 pm. They told him that the cat was being prepared on the table for surgery! And I was there I knew they were lying to me. All the time. “

    When she returns for the third time, she says she showed a cat that was completely different from the one on the website.

    She recorded the interaction on her cell phone.

    Employees can be heard saying, “It’s the same cat, wife. I can’t put a cat in.”

    Each animal brought into the shelter has a unique identification number.

    Brigette showed me a screenshot with no gender listed. The first thing she saw on the website was an ID number that appeared to be Ditty. The second, with the same ID number but different pictures, says that the cat with that ID number is a man who has undergone contraceptive neutering surgery, even though he has always told her that he is a female.

    “What’s wrong with those intake cards?” Darcy Spears asked Dr. Mindy Roberts of DVM.

    “Age is common. It can be difficult to tell if you have contraceptive surgery,” said Dr. Roberts, who recently quit his job due to frustration.

    “I can’t do that there anymore.”

    She was a rescue veterinarian at the Animal Foundation. The 13 surveys told many current and new staff that mistakes in shelters are common.

    “And sometimes some of those cases are overlooked. They shouldn’t be overlooked. But due to lack of staff and overall poor management, what we have I’ll do what I can with, “said Liswade, a licensed veterinary technician who quit her job at the Animal Foundation in early November.

    “I think they’re very understaffed, but they still don’t give them the right not to work. If they lose information or miscommunicate, that’s okay. Not! These are people’s animals and they love them! “

    As for Diti, “We just want to get him back! He’s our baby. We miss him so much. And I’m just not going back. I’m going to let them run away with this. there is no.”

    The nave family never gave up hope and never stopped looking for Ditty.

    Three weeks after we met Bridget, she received an email from the Animal Foundation that she might return the cat to where it was found.

    A few days later, after seeing Bridget’s post on Next Door, a woman contacted and said that Diti had recently popped out and she was feeding him.

    Diti finally went home.

    The two who turned from former employees to whistleblowers in this story are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Find out more about this story tomorrow. Also, stay tuned for 13 action news throughout the week to keep up the press.

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