Texas Restricted Abortion Act Temporarily Revived The Day After It Was Blocked | Texas


Approved by the Federal Court of Appeals on Friday night Texas Just one day after clinics throughout the state rushed to re-service patients for the first time since early September, to temporarily resume most abortion bans.

Texas abortion provider Was supporting The US Fifth Court of Appeals has booked a new appointment and swiftly reopened the door during a short grace period from a law known as Senate Bill 8 that bans abortion when heart activity is detected. Act on. Usually about 6 weeks.

On Wednesday, Judge Robert Pittman of the U.S. District Court, who appointed Barack Obama, issued an order. Texas Law SuspensionHe called it an “aggressive deprivation” of constitutional rights to abortion. It has responded to a proceeding filed by the Biden administration, warning that other Republican-controlled states may rush to adopt similar measures.

“Since the moment SB8 came into force, women have been illegally prevented from managing their lives in a way protected by the Constitution,” Pittman wrote.

However, the New Orleans-based Court of Appeals immediately granted Texas’ request to revoke Pittman’s order so far while the case was being considered. It ordered the Justice Department to respond by Tuesday.

Before the law came into force on September 1, there were approximately 20 abortion clinics in Texas, and not all Texas abortion providers resumed service on hold. Many doctors were afraid of a quick reversal from the Court of Appeals at the risk of putting them at legal risk.

The new law threatens Texas abortion providers and others who support abortion in proceedings from civilians who have the right to collect damages of at least $ 10,000 if successful. That novel approach is why the court did not block the law before Pittman’s ruling. It leaves the execution to the private sector, not the prosecutor, who critics say is the equivalent of a bounty.

Pitman’s orders were the first legal blow to SB8. In the weeks following the restrictions came into effect, Texas abortion providers said the impact was “just what we were afraid of.”

According to Planned Parenthood, the number of patients in Texas at clinics in the state has dropped by nearly 80% in the two weeks since the law came into force.

Texas clinics are now at risk of closure while some healthcare providers struggle to keep up with the surge in patients who have to drive hundreds of miles for abortion in neighboring states. I said that. Others are forced to carry their pregnancy to maturity, they say.

Texas Restricted Abortion Act Temporarily Revived The Day After It Was Blocked | Texas

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