Texas doctors protest abortion law by admitting that he has performed the procedure | Abortion


Protest Texas law Doctors in San Antonio said they banned abortions six weeks after pregnancy, empowering citizens to sue health care providers and their supporters, and provided abortions beyond the new legal limits.

“I take personal risk” Alan Blade wrote for The Washington Post.. “But that’s what I strongly believe.

“… I have a daughter, a granddaughter, and a niece. I believe abortion is an essential part of health care. I have spent the last 50 years treating and supporting patients. I just can’t sit down and see it back in 1972. “

That was a year ago Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court ruling guaranteeing the right to abortion.

The court is now dominated by conservatives after the Republicans set up three judges under Donald Trump. Use of emergencies “Shadow docketThe ruling, which made it possible to uphold Texas law. Many observers, in another case from Mississippi, expect it to completely overturn Roe.

Saturday was the 1st anniversary death Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg of liberal justice, an important moment in the fight for abortion. Ginsburg was taken over by the devout Catholic Amy Coney Barrett.

To commemorate the anniversary, Cecil Richards, the former head of the planned parent-child relationship, said Told the Associated Press: “We are in the post-row world … all we need is a Republican governor and a Republican parliament. Your condition may be exactly the same.”

blade Said He began working in the pre-Raw world in Texas and began his obstetrics and gynecology residency at a hospital in San Antonio in July 1972.

“At that time, abortion was virtually illegal. Texas – Unless the psychologist finds the woman committing suicide, if the woman has money, she will be referred to a clinic in Colorado, California, or New York. The rest were ourselves. Some people traveled across the border to Mexico. “

That year, he said he saw “three teenagers die of an illegal abortion.”

“What I will never forget. When she entered the ER, her vaginal cavity was full of rags. She died a few days later from a major organ failure caused by a septic infection.”

Texas law, SB8, Effective this month. Mr Braid said his clinic was represented by the Reproductive Rights Center in a federal proceeding seeking suspension of the law.

blade Said Women who come to his clinic often say why they need an abortion.

“They have graduated from school or already have three children, are in an abusive relationship, or are not just in time. The majority are mothers. Most are between the ages of 18 and 30. Many People are having a hard time financially. “

Texas bill architect, former state lawyer Jonathan Mitchell, Said Women who want to avoid unwanted pregnancies can simply say no to sex.

Braid writes: “Several times a month, she confesses that she has an abortion because she was raped. Sometimes she reports it to the police. Often she doesn’t.

“The new Texas law is no exception to rape and incest.”

Explaining how women must be referred out of state again, Blade wrote: “For me, it’s 1972.

“Therefore, on the morning of September 6, I offered an abortion to a woman who had exceeded the new limits of the state, even though it was still in her first semester. I, like all patients, this patient. She acted because she was obliged to pay attention to her and because she had a basic right to receive this treatment. “

Texas doctors protest abortion law by admitting that he has performed the procedure | Abortion

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