Texarkana, Texas – Raining Texarkana fish came from nervous birds, study says


Texarkana, Texas 2022-06-23 23:59:11 –

Texarkana, Texas (KTAL / KMSS) – Two researchers gave another explanation of the “rainfish” phenomenon at Texarkana last year.

according to Studies conducted by a pair of independent researchersIt wasn’t the Waterspout that threw the fish across the four-mile strip of Texarkana on December 29, 2021. It was a nervous bird.

“We are fairly convinced that we have identified the factors that caused the fish to fall across this part of Texas. A flock of cormorants (and perhaps other birds) in the air or perhaps during takeoff. “I devoured a small shad meal I recently consumed,” said geologist Sharon A. Hill in a blog post sharing the results of her work with Australian writer Paul Cropper.

At that time, raining fish were the result of a rare meteorological phenomenon in which waterspouts flowing over water sucked up small creatures such as fish and frogs and carried them until they lost steam before dropping fainted passengers. Was thought to be.City Texarkana is due to the raining fish To this phenomenon at that time.

Strong winds caused by tornadoes and hurricanes can also send small seeds that are raining from the sky. Library of Congress.. However, despite heavy thunderstorms at the time, no weather events of the day were recorded in the area.

Hill, who describes himself as “a creepy geologist and strange adjuster,” said their investigation found no evidence that waterspout had wiped out fish and deposited it on Texarkana. Stated. In fact, Hill says there is evidence that the fish has been partially digested.

This is one of the reasons why cormorants are strongly suspected of eating fish and regurgitating. Cormorants are known to cause food to flow backwards, but the reason is unknown.

Hill admits that the theory is not absolutely certain.

“We were also familiar with the habit of these fish-eating birds releasing stomach contents and quickly flying away or feeding their children. This is a bird researcher. It was a known common behavior observed by. But they had never seen it happen during a lively flight (we asked them), so this is a hypothesis. Remains a weak point. “

They say Texarkana regional airport officials noticed the presence of cormorants around the time of the storm on December 29, 2021.

While studying the phenomenon, Hill and Cropper did not say that the distribution of other human-related fish by air or by hand was plausible, in addition to the lack of evidence of waterspout during this period.

Raining Texarkana fish came from nervous birds, study says Source link Raining Texarkana fish came from nervous birds, study says

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