Texarkana, Texas – Local Power Company Prepares Customers For Higher Bills Coming This Winter


Texarkana, Texas 2021-12-02 09:18:08 –

Bowie-Cass Electric Cooperative, Inc. on Tuesday. In a Facebook statement issued by General Manager Mark A. Boyd, he warned customers about the expected increase in bills this winter as wholesale electricity costs continue to rise.

“Higher electricity costs and winter use are the worst combination we can have. Our system is made up of about 76% of residential members, with one being the most used each year. It’s the coldest time of the year. This is just the function of traditional electric strip heat. As always, we do whatever you can to save energy from heating your home. It’s a good idea to start by setting the thermostat to the right temperature. Keeping the thermostat at the same setting is the most efficient way to operate the house. Don’t believe the old saying that there is. You need to have a house of 70 when you’re there, but if you’re working outside the house for 8-10 hours a day, consider lowering the setting. The recovery time to return to 70 is much cheaper than trying to maintain that temperature while away. Space heaters are not a good alternative for performing central heating. Three spaces The heater is the same as performing central heating from an energy point of view, but it is much less efficient. If you have any questions about saving energy, please visit our website (www.bcec.com).[エネルギーの節約]Please access the tab or contact us by phone.
In addition to all wholesale electricity cost issues, we also see the same supply chain shortages and rising prices that everyone else sees. Lead times for most items continue to grow and should be purchased now rather than face shortages later. Most raw material costs are rising, some are rising by 30-50%, and everything you buy, such as meter bases, transformers, and even treated wooden sticks, is more expensive. ..

I know this is not the message you want to hear from the co-operative, nor is it certainly the message we want to convey. But I’d rather tell you before it happens, rather than explain it after the fact. I’m not a pessimist, but a realist. I think it’s better to be prepared for what is expected to happen than to expect it to happen. We will continue to work to manage operating costs within the organization and power costs to the extent that they are externally influential. We find that our influence is somewhat limited, as about 70% of the costs associated with co-operatives are our wholesale electricity costs. Ultimately, it comes down to each of us and our usage habits. We all have to understand the costs involved and make the right decisions. My job is to inform and encourage you, but in the end you can’t control what’s flowing through your meter, “Void said.

Bowie-Cass Electric Cooperative, Inc. In a follow-up from the release on Facebook page, he provided customers with good ideas about how much they are seeing an increase this year. “In discussions with the board yesterday, the expected electricity cost in 2022 will carry a basic PCRF of 5.3 cents per kwh without recovery from the storm, which is completely 1.3 cents / kwh than where it is today. The average usage for housing members is 1,200 to 1,500 kwh per month. 1,500 kwh x 1.3 cents is an additional $ 19.50. Using 3,000 kwh will increase by $ 39. It will be, “says Boyd.

If you already see changes in your monthly budget due to rising prices in all areas of food, supplies, gas, etc., this is one more thing to know as the winter season will continue to hit Texarkana. .. region. Many of our local co-operatives aren’t as expensive as other co-operatives around Texas, but rising costs continue to impact us for months and even years.

For more information, or in preparation for rising costs this winter, continue to follow TXKToday for tips and tricks to keep your home safe and reduce costs this season.

Local Power Company Prepares Customers For Higher Bills Coming This Winter Source link Local Power Company Prepares Customers For Higher Bills Coming This Winter

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