Tesla’s Regulatory “Crack” to Get Customers to Play Video Games


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has begun a formal survey of 580,000 Tesla vehicles sold since 2017, allowing customers to play video games in the vehicle. The company allows users to play a variety of games while the vehicle is parked, some of which allow the driver to use the steering wheel and pedals as part of the control. However, a wireless software update allowed passengers to launch some of them while they were moving their cars in the summer of 2021. This service, called “Passenger Play,” was limited to games that used only touchscreen controls.

Since then, it has been frustrated, but regulators are interested following some manufactured anger. NHTSA broke this function as part of an ongoing inattentive driving problem in an attempt to link to the Crusaders against the autopilot. The agency has begun a preliminary survey of 580,000 Tesla Model 3, S, X, and Y vehicles to determine if they are a high-profile death trap.

If the driver can literally take out the phone and play his favorite mobile game while driving, it’s hard to find many purposes in regulating things like Passenger Play. But if this is a distracting issue for the screen itself, regulators need to take a macro view of the industry as a whole. Virtually every manufacturer in the sun offers huge touch screens with non-intuitive interfaces.Many also provide advanced driving assistance Studies show To the operator Behind the steering wheel makes it easier to distract.

NHTSA said it was operating on the basis of Tesla’s report that “gameplay features are visible from the driver’s seat and can be enabled while driving a car,” and investigation was needed.This is mainly New York Times Works that show it Sky Force Reloaded, Battle of Polytopia, When Solitaire Everything can be played on the central touch screen while the vehicle is in motion. However, anyone playing these games should quickly tap the I-AM-A-PASSENGER button to verify that they are passengers before launching.

Regulators, on the other hand, make little mention of other applications that Tesla has allowed customers to activate while driving, even before passenger play updates, such as touchscreen drawing and in-vehicle karaoke apps. It seems to be an oversight of the agency that said this week it promised to “ensure the highest safety standards on national roads.”

I’m not exactly known to be Tesla’s biggest fan.But this is big NHTSA waste of time and energy. I’m the first to admit that autopilot can be dangerously abused by users, but I can make similar claims with other companies’ advanced drive systems, and federal regulators make that leap. Is rarely achieved. Thanks to misleading marketing, Tesla is certainly the biggest criminal. But distracted driving is a problem that has been accelerated by the trends pursued by the entire industry that promises self-driving cars to come here for the past decade.

according to ReutersThe Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) has already praised NHTSA for investigating deactivated ones. On Wednesday, it was happy to see the agency launch a Tesla safety investigation and said, “When you’re holding the steering wheel, I want to alert all drivers to stay alert and focus on the road.” rice field.

from Reuters:

The [NHTSA] At the beginning of December, he pointed out that distracted driving accounted for a significant number of deaths on US roads. There are 3,142 people in 2019 alone. Safety advocates say the official numbers underestimate the problem, as not all drivers involved in the crash have admitted to being distracted later.

According to the Times, the Tesla update adds three games, a jet fighter and a conquest strategy scenario, Solitaire, which warns the vehicle that “playing while the car is in motion is for passengers only.” Is displayed.

According to the paper, the gaming feature asks for confirmation that the player is a passenger, but the driver can play at the push of a button.

In 2013, NHTSA issued guidelines encouraging automakers to “incorporate into the design and adoption of vehicle infotainment devices, taking safety and driver distraction prevention into consideration.”

But no one seems to really pay attention to that advice. Increasingly more vehicle controls are hidden behind the menu layers in the touchscreen interface, and infotainment systems are getting bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, aftermarket companies have been abundant for decades selling components that can play video (or video games) while the vehicle is in motion. Hell, I remember a short period of time when I could play a DVD while driving a car using Uconnect before I realized that Dodge had unintentionally left that particular digital backdoor open. .. Mercedes-Benz had to remember hundreds of EQS and S-class sedans this month about the alleged error that made it possible to play dashboard videos while driving.

I understand that NHTSA’s revenge on the autopilot is important. But by doing much the same thing that all other car makers are guilty of, they are beginning to appear to have an ax against Tesla. To be precise, are game apps for passengers more dangerous than connectivity services that allow drivers to book restaurant reservations on the fly?

[Image: Virrage Images/Shutterstock]

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Tesla’s Regulatory “Crack” to Get Customers to Play Video Games

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