Tesla under federal investigation over video games that drivers can play


Tesla’s infotainment screen has been providing video games for years, but in late 2020, the company enabled video games while driving.


Tesla teeth Officially under investigation According to the US government over video games. Electric vehicle manufacturers are now in the spotlight of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because they allow occupants to play video games on the infotainment screen while the vehicle is in motion. NHTSA states that this ability “may distract the driver and increase the risk of a collision.”

The probe covers approximately 580,000 Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y EVs with this passenger play capability. Tesla previously added various video games to the central touch screen, but only made them playable when the vehicle was in the park. The ability to play games on the move is reported to have changed at some point in December 2020, but it’s unclear why the change was made.

Passenger Play includes a so-called “lawyer screen” with an interstitial warning that “playing while the car is in motion is for passengers only”. You need to press Confirm on the screen to access the game, but the buttons on the screen can be pressed by the passenger or driver.

The probe is The New York Times December 8th Story It investigated the concerns. NHTSA reportedly engaged Tesla the next day.

Tesla has added new gaming features to its infotainment screen As recent as Tuesday, When the year-end and New Year aerial updates are available for download.

All four of Tesla’s current model lines are part of NHTSA’s research.


In contrast, in early December of this year Mercedes-Benz Recall 227 cases That new EQS electric sedan, And selection S class A model of similar behavior.Luxury sedans from German car makers inadvertently allowed some vehicles to display internet and TV shows on them. MBUX infotainment system While running due to software issues. The automaker self-reported this issue to NHTSA and a recall occurred.

Tesla too Currently under federal investigation For its autopilot driver assistance system. In August, NHTSA began an investigation to determine if there were any safety issues with the Level 2 system after at least 11 collisions with stationary emergency vehicles were reported.

Tesla did not immediately return a roadshow comment request on this issue. Automakers no longer run a public relations department to respond to such inquiries.

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