Monday, October 18, 2021

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    Tesla pushes US to increase fuel economy penalties for other automakers

    Washington- Tesla Is pressing Of President Joe Biden Government and US appeal to court to act swiftly to raise civil penalties if automakers don’t meet Fuel economy Requirements.

    Electric car maker Tesla sells credits to help other car makers meet government cars Emissions It is a requirement and states that changes in the rules made by the administration of former President Donald Trump will reduce the value of these credits. Tesla relies on those creditsI made my first annual profit in 2020, but would have lost money without the $ 1.3 billion credit.

    Tesla is virtually on August 30th National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau (((NHTSA), According to a document submitted by the agency last week.

    On August 18, NHTSA issued a notice that if automakers were unable to meet, they could impose higher penalties for previous model years. Fuel efficiency As a requirement, consider public comments first.

    Automakers warn that hiking penalties can cost at least $1 $ 1 billion a year, both for not meeting the rules and for the high prices of credits that met the rules.

    On the final day of January, the Trump administration has postponed the 2016 regulation to more than double the penalties for automakers who do not meet the corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) requirements.

    According to a government note, Tesla has proposed that NHTSA immediately withdraw Trump’s actions, “providing continued uncertainty in industry-wide investment and transactions, and delays until the issue is resolved will have a negative impact on the credit market. Will continue to exert. ” “Delays will continue to have a negative impact on the credit market,” Tesla added.

    On August 27, Tesla individually again requested the Second Circuit US Court of Appeals to quickly reinstate higher penalties. Court dismissed Tesla’s request in April For immediate action while waiting for NHTSA reviews.

    Tesla warned that “uncertainty perpetuated by NHTSA’s slow rule-making pace is exacerbated by the possibility of yet another round of proceedings,” and the uncertainty “may last for a few more years.” There is. “

    A group representing major automakers, including General Motors, Toyota motor, Ford With a motor VolkswagenAsked the court to deny Tesla’s request. “The more certainty that Tesla may benefit from the value of CAFE credits it has accumulated is not a reason to interrupt the ongoing management process,” the group wrote in a court filing.

    Under the former president Barack Obama, The higher penalty was scheduled to start in the 2019 model year, but Trump set the effective date to the 2022 model year. NHTSA is considering reviving Obama’s rules.

    Previous year’s CAFE penalties that have not yet been evaluated can be costly Chrysler Parent Stellantis is in the hundreds of millions of dollars while increasing the value of the credits Tesla sells.

    Stellantis said in August that the costs associated with raising potential CAFE penalties could be around € 521 million ($ 609 million). Fiat Chrysler paid about $ 150 million for failing to meet the 2016 and 2017 requirements.

    Tesla pushes US to increase fuel economy penalties for other automakers

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