Tesla & Elon Musk’s Crazy, Enthralling, And Volatile Year


EV maker champion Tesla and his exaggerated CEO spent a year full of innovation, political struggles, big profits, and even bigger taxes.

Tesla, Tesla, Tesla!

That’s all I’ve heard recently when it comes to business negotiations.

Elon Musk is a lightning rod for all kinds of opinions.you too Love He or dislike He … and not in the meantime.

One tweet from the founder of Tesla can spike or slump Tesla’s share or launch cryptocurrencies such as: Dogecoin to the moon.. It all depends on the day.

(My anecdotal evidence: Tesla was trading for $ 895 this morning before I started writing this piece. When I’m writing this now, it’s trading for about $ 935.) ..

According to Bloomberg, “Usually, electric car makers’ price volatility is more than four times that of the S & P 500, which is noteworthy for the company, which is the fifth most valuable stock in the index. Its large peers. (Nvdias, Meta Platforms, Berkshire Hathaways) are significantly less volatile and less volatile than Tesla. “

At some point recently, Tesla shares were trading at $ 2,140 per share. But despite returning to Earth, at the time of writing this article, Tesla is still benefiting investors by 29%.

Tesla may have been the first and most reckless, but other legacy car makers, especially Volkswagen, are catching up.Ford and GM also they Strengthen EV games..

Currently, Tesla has the highest market share, but VW, BMW, Nissan, etc. are rapidly taking root.

Watch out, Elon Musk. You may be this year’s person, but you may not be the future person. 2021 is only one year, and there are still a few years … or maybe not, given what it looks like at the end of what we’re talking about.

Okay, a turkey talking enough. bored. Let’s talk about the little controversy that Elon Musk is making friends with on Twitter. It’s much more interesting!

The Person of the Year participates in Twitter battles with people of all disciplines, including Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Sanders took a shot when he said to Mask: Limit. “

In response, Musk tweeted, “I’m still forgetting that you’re still alive.”

“Do you want to sell more stock, Bernie? Just say a word …”

Hey you! Talk about feeling burned!

Then last week, Musk entered into another Twitter feud with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Warren tweeted. “Change the fraudulent tax code so that the Person of the Year actually pays the tax and stops freeloading from everyone else. https://t.co/jqQxL9Run6

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren)December 13, 2021

Elon Musk responded by tweeting a 2019 Fox News opinion piece about claims about Native American ancestry.

Stop projecting! https://t.co/Kibp6aS9vL

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk)December 14, 2021

In another tweet, Musk confirmed that he would pay more than $ 11 billion in taxes this year.

No matter what you think of Elon Musk or Tesla, people are intrigued and will continue to do so.

The important questions are: Are Elon Musk and Tesla going to back up all the stories for profit?

stay tuned.

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