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US electric car company Tesla report Its fourth quarter and 2021 calendar year results are this afternoon. In the last three months of 2021, Tesla generated $ 17.72 billion in revenue, of which $ 16 billion came from the automotive business. In total, Tesla’s fourth-quarter net income was $ 2.32 billion and earnings per share was $ 2.05. After adjustment, the company generated $ 2.54 per share.

Analysts Be expected The company reported total revenue of $ 16.35 billion and adjusted earnings per share of $ 2.26 in the fourth quarter of 2021. Basically, Tesla exceeded its sales and profit estimates.

The company’s stocks were mixed in after-hours trading, dropping a few points at first, but rising by the time this story was written.

Within the quarter

Fourth-quarter car performance at Tesla looks good. The company’s total vehicle sales were approximately $ 16 billion, up from both $ 12.60 billion in the previous quarter and $ 9.31 billion in the year-ago quarter.

Those familiar with Tesla’s results will want to know what portion of their quarterly earnings come from regulatory credits. Critics of the company cite it here and there as an indication that the numbers have grown slightly. In the fourth quarter of 2021, Tesla reported the second smallest regulatory credit grant in the last five quarters.

Even better for car companies, Tesla’s gross margin on cars did not decline as revenue from the category increased. Instead, it rose to at least five-quarters height at 30.6%, up from 24.1% in the year-ago quarter.

Another notable point is that Tesla’s free cash flow for the quarter was $ 2.78 billion, another record during the data sharing period, with the company’s total cash and equivalents exceeding $ 17 billion. I did.To conclude the quarterly view, Tesla’s car revenues Over 90% Of its total top line.

Looking back, 2021

Tesla’s year was a strong year overall. The company’s revenue increased approximately 71% to $ 53.82 billion, adjusted EBITDA to $ 11.62 billion and net income to $ 5.52 billion. Given Tesla’s profitability and rising cash position, I think the company will ultimately strive for dividends. Even considering capital spending, cash income is very large compared to cash requirements.

Why doesn’t Tesla’s share price move after reporting? The result seems to have almost lived up to expectations, meaning it has already been priced at the stock price. Currently, it is worth about $ 937 per share and Tesla has a market capitalization of over $ 941 billion. Every Yahoo Finance..

Tesla closes 2021 on a high note by besting expectations in Q4 – TechCrunch Source link Tesla closes 2021 on a high note by besting expectations in Q4 – TechCrunch

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