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    Terrorism can never be defeated by military force | Letter

    Jonathan Powell makes some good points (Lessons we didn’t learn from 9/11: Peace is impossible without us talking to our enemies, September 10th). But when he says, “There was no real alternative to chasing al-Qaeda’s leadership,” and “There was no real alternative to taking on the Taliban himself,” I ask differently. 9/11 was a crime, not a war act. It was not committed by or in the name of the Afghan people, who would continue to be slaughtered by thousands of people.

    Despite the resistance of Taliban, It could and should have been addressed using the mechanism of international law. Weak and slow-moving, they do exist and can ultimately succeed, as seen in the successful prosecution of war crimes in former Yugoslavia, for example.

    Terrorism is never defeated by military means, killing both guilty and innocent. The ultimate victory over terrorism is nothing more than an ideology. Recognizing that whatever our differences (ethnic, religious, national, political) are, they are insignificant compared to our common humanity.what Afghanistan The current need is a large-scale aid program with minimal conditions. A good start is to help deploy Covid vaccination. In addition, there may be good claims of compensation to help rebuild the economy beyond immediate humanitarian aid.
    Frank Jackson
    Former Co-Chair, World Disarmament Campaign

    Twenty years after 9/11, I still struggle to understand the sheer size of such a ruthless and malicious attack. It was a ruthless onslaught of peace, openness, tolerance, equality, social justice, unity, everything that our human family represents. Sadly, since then, our world has been in conflict between ethnic groups, endless deprivation, irrational hatred, indescribable suffering, unabated exploitation of natural and cultural resources, climate change, and transnational borders. It has been hurt by pandemics, human rights violations, and the endless “fight against terrorism.” .. Millions of lives and livelihoods were lost, people became orphans, widows, and psychologically impaired.

    My question is: 1) How many lives do we need to lose to end the war, arms trade and suffering? 2) When will we act as a whole to address the underlying roots of terrorism?
    Dr. Munjed Farid Al Qutob

    Boris Johnson says 9/11 failed to undermine democracy and freedom (The Queen commemorates the 9/11 “horrible attack” in a message to Joe Biden on September 11th.). That’s right. Although terrorists have failed, what has been relentlessly pursued by nationalist leaders around the world, including ourselves, has been the erosion and dismantling of human rights and values. Net loss to our democracy and freedom.
    Dr. Grusin
    Loughborough, Leicestershire

    yours editorial The 20th anniversary of 9/11 (September 10th) correctly emphasizes that the “war on terrorism” did not solve anything and created new problems. At the same time, we need to be aware of the powerful movements that have arisen to oppose the war. The Stop the War coalition unit protested with the first London Conference shortly after 9/11. Held on February 15, 2003 It remains the largest demo in British history. The war did not stop, but as with the “war on terrorism” itself, opposition influences continue.
    Keith Fret
    Tottenham, London

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    Terrorism can never be defeated by military force | Letter

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