Tenenberg uses Care Packages for Troops to help local marine’s unit


Over the last 15 years, Si Tenenberg has sent over 23,000 care packages to military personnel dispatched abroad. Every time we receive an email from the army requesting the items we need, Tennenberg will do our best. In this story of the Positive Central Coast, former Marines say that having a local bond is even more rewarding.

“Recently, my son was deployed,” said Juan Basby, a former Marine in Nipomo.

Busby has two sons. Former Marines Anthony Vasquez, who retired honorably four years later, and Jonathan Vasque, a sergeant of the Marines currently deployed overseas and one of the leaders of the Marines. This fall, Jonathan sent an email to someone with knowledge of care packages for Tennenberg’s unit operations, which happened to be forwarded to the correct inbox.

“He’s a kid who’s always looking for someone else,” said Juan of Jonathan. “He is an individual who can be treated equally and cared for by everyone on the team.”

“He pointed out that these 120 guys under him will be on and off the ship for about eight months and need all sorts of things,” Si Tenenberg said. Stated.

He was a successful man, and Si and his volunteers got to work. The Marine Corps Box is difficult to tackle, so he came up with the idea of ​​ensuring that all troops on the ship get something from their homes.

“I decided to pick the 13 sergeants on that list,” Tenenberg said. “In the last 6 weeks, I have sent four boxes to one or two sergeants. They were able to take them, line them up, and have each person take one or two items out of the box. . “

“There are people of all disciplines in the army. Different backgrounds, you name it. Not everyone in the army has home support and upbringing. If not, We need to know that we are standing behind them, whether we know them or not, we are there for them, “Bassby said.

“Our Marines from ancient times feel obliged to take care of some of these new men. Help them survive a long deployment eight months to a year away from home. Because of that, “Tenenberg said.

Luggage from home means the world to those deployed around the world, regardless of the sender.

“You can’t price it to get something sent from your house,” Basby said.

“There is still a lot of work in other countries around the world to continue this mission for another year or two,” Tenenberg said.

As of today, Jonathan’s ship has not received the cargo, but Tennenberg says it usually takes 8-10 weeks. Click to support his mission to send care packages to Si and the Army here A link to his website.

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Tenenberg uses Care Packages for Troops to help local marine’s unit Source link Tenenberg uses Care Packages for Troops to help local marine’s unit

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