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    Telecom Italia deal has added fibre

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    Britain may have Clear and powerful reason The Italian government’s position on Telecom Italia seems to have succumbed to a bid from a private equity group in the United States, why Arm, the world leader in chip design, shouldn’t fall into the hands of the United States.

    KKR has launched an offer of over € 33 billion To keep TIM private on the weekends, this is one of the biggest private equity buyouts in the history of European companies. We already own a 37.5% stake in Telecom Italia’s FiberCop broadband business, which is a complete offer for the entire company.

    TIM has become a basketball case among European carriers in recent years. As Rex points out Only about a quarter of Italians have access to high-speed broadband compared to 60% of all EU households.

    KKR involvement (also Owns UK fiber broadband provider HyperopticIt has the potential to accelerate the deployment of fiber and overcome the traditional Italian government practice of using golden shares to put Kibosch in a decisive ownership transaction.

    Future transactions may still be destroyed by other vested interests holding a 24% stake in TIM, primarily Vivendi stakeholders, but the KKR move is to drive the deployment of fiber broadband. It seems that the timing is right in the context of the shakeup required for.

    It was a busy two days for Telecom M & A.Swedish network equipment provider Ericsson Expanded service offerings on Monday Pay $ 6.2 billion in cash fOr internet telephony group Vonage, With the largest acquisition in history.

    In Asia, Thai conglomerate Charoen Pok Fund And Norwegian Telenor They said so Integrate the telecom unit In Thailand, in a deal to create a dominant provider in the kingdom worth over $ 8.6 billion.

    Internet of Things (5)

    1. El Salvador is planning a volcanic-powered “Bitcoin City”
    President Nayib Bukele is a Central American country “Bitcoin City” powered by a volcano Partially funded by the issuance of $ 1 billion of crypto-backed sovereign debt.We are also investigating The rise of And in case you miss it Lucy Keraway saw FT Weekend classroom cryptography. Martha Muir reports Where did cryptocurrency mining machines end up after China banned that practice?

    2. Paytm drops 37% in IPO price
    Shares of recently listed financial services company Paytm Plump on the second day of running Traders and bankers have blamed one of India’s worst market debuts for overly ambitious valuation goals. Paytm’s share price, backed by Softbank in Japan, Ant Group in China and Alibaba, fell 27% after listing last Thursday and another 13% on Monday after a Friday holiday.

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    3. Roblox hits a wall in China
    In July, online gaming company Roblox marked the beginning of a bragging attempt to open up the Chinese market by hiring dancers in cosplay costumes at the opening ceremony in Shanghai. At that time, the company declared that it would provide new users with an “infinite world” with “hyper digital”. Four months later, Roblox is struggling to make a dent in China in the face of regulatory barriers and fierce competition. Reported by Eleanor Olcott..

    4. Uber Eats adds weeds to menu
    Uber Add cannabis It will be added to the list of items that can be ordered through the app, but at this time it is only pickups and only for customers in Ontario, Canada. This is the first time a rideshare and shipping company has provided direct access to drug purchases, as it continues to drive deregulation in the United States.

    5. Life in an old Spac
    The blank check Spac vehicle, which is loved by tech start-ups, is back. According to Big Lead. Proponents hope that new signs of life indicate a mature path to this public market.

    Big Read chart showing how Spac IPO started to rebound

    Tech Week Destination

    Monday: Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos The founder, accused by U.S. prosecutors of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from investors, Expected to testify Herself Criminal trial.. NS zoom The video conference platform reports third-quarter figures as staff are returning to work and addressing the need to expand scope as they become less dependent on screen-based meetings.U.S. financial software maker Intuit We will announce the results of the first quarter.

    Tuesday: Chinese handset and general gadget maker Xiaomi Report revenue as well as ByteDance rivals Kuaishou..PC makers in the US Dell When HP Inc There are quarterly results.

    Friday: Black Friday has always outperformed Cyber ​​Monday online, but major strikes are planned by a group called “Make Amazon Pay.” With the support of 70 trade unions, they say they are protesting in many places. Amazon site.

    Technical Tools — The Topic of Blood Glucose Tracking

    The Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor (CGM), commonly used by diabetics, tracks blood glucose levels in real time via microneedles “attached” to the upper arm. A range of start-ups have devised apps that pair with these CGMs. Jamie Waters reports.. They promise that these companies are positioning blood glucose as a new measure to guide changes in our diet. We can be the sharpest and most energetic self. read more

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