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Over and over again, the most powerful tech companies have pushed the story of gradual diminishing threats to their trillion-dollar businesses, hurting small businesses that rely on their products.

However, contrary to the warm and vague anecdotes that Big Tech has developed over the years, some business owners struggle to rely heavily on large, opaque companies, and when problems arise. I can hardly rely on it.

Those struggles are like that of the tech watchdog group. Responsible technology I want to attract attention with the push of that new consciousness, “Main street for Big Tech.” The six-digit campaign includes full-page ads for next week’s San Jose daily Mercury News, digital ads across social platforms, and an ongoing video series showing the experiences of small business owners against the PR narrative of tech companies. It will be.

The project is supported by the Main Street Alliance, Small Business Rising, Local Independence Institute, and the American Economic Freedom Project.

“NS [campaign] From misleading and unreliable data to hidden costs and sudden changes in rules and algorithms that can kneel the entire company without access to customer service, the big tech owners receive. It really emphasizes the chain of harm of tech. “Accountable Tech co-founder Jesse Lehrich told TechCrunch. “Each entrepreneur has his own story and reason for his remarks.”

Lillich calls Facebook’s long-standing public relations campaign for launching for small businesses “incredibly cynical and opportunistic.” Some Facebook employees seem to share.. The reality of running a business on a big tech platform is not necessarily rosy for small business owners who are exposed to the whims of very powerful companies with which they have only a few relationships.

“They are completely at the mercy of these giants and have little access to legitimate indicators or customer service,” said Lirich. “It’s not a partnership. It’s an exploitation.”

Public opinion also seems to be moving to the stage where people widely accept that even free tech platforms can drive costs, whether at the expense of privacy or the endless stream of user-generated content that provides a canvas for advertising. is.

SMEs may rely on the tools of dominant tech companies, but that doesn’t mean that in theory emerging competitors can’t build something that can provide them with equal or better service. “This is the mechanism of monopoly and oligopoly. These big tech companies and their services are only” essential “because they engage in endless anti-competitive behavior to ensure that they are the only games in town. That’s what Lillich told TechCrunch.

As Congress is working on ways to update laws designed for the era long before the Internet business existed, the largest tech companies continue to devote themselves to their market power and bring their businesses and users alike. Get stuck with what you have.

“To avoid regulatory oversight, monopolies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon actually say the opposite is true, but their business products are the lifeline of small businesses, legislators and the general public. We’ve spent millions of dollars trying to convince, “said founder and managing director Nicole Gil. “… But now, small business owners are fighting back by sharing their living experiences to reveal the true relationship between Big Tech and Main Street.”

Tech watchdog campaign challenges big tech for hiding behind small business – TechCrunch Source link Tech watchdog campaign challenges big tech for hiding behind small business – TechCrunch

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