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    Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are on a Break, And Bachelor Nation is a Mess

    Sadly, there are many things that I can continue to live happily in the future.

    If you believe in the tabloid report, Taisia ​​Adams and Zack Clark have become the latest bachelor / bachelor couple to bite romantic dust.

    “They’re definitely taking some time to figure things out,” insiders told Life & Style later this week, adding that they predicted a dark future.

    “It doesn’t look good.”

    This obvious confirmation is not a shock to a keen observer.

    Many have noticed in two recent consecutive episodes of the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast co-sponsored by Adams with Becca Kufrin that he is not wearing an engagement ring.

    In addition, Tayshia abandoned diamonds at the House of Gucci premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 18th.

    3 days before that?

    Taisia ​​Adams and Zack Clark, Nevada

    Adams tweeted the phrase “trust the process.”

    Of course, this could have been a reference to something.

    But based on everything else we’ve heard and read recently, it sounds like someone is trying to deal with an unfortunate farewell.

    On the contrary, Adams and Clark hosted the New York City Marathon on November 7th.

    Taisia ​​Adams on Instagram

    However, Tayshia did not exactly break through her supposed partner on social media after a very long race.

    “Once again, I thank each and every one of you for supporting me along the way,” she wrote two weeks ago.

    “My best friend James jumped out beside me and helped me see my last mile.

    “And for Z, for running with me at every stage of the road.”

    Taicia Adams and Zack Clark Kiss

    After the marathon, Taicia was actually hospitalized.

    But her fear of health had nothing to do with the 26.2 miles she managed to run.

    “First, I don’t want to think it’s related to the marathon because it’s not related to the marathon,” she told fans on Instagram Stories on November 13.

    Adams, who later did not mention Clark in this post, wrote that she may have had a “really terrible kidney infection.”

    Tayshia Adams and Zack Clark: Wedding Photos!

    Adams replaced Clare Crawley as a bachelor’s degree after Clare Crawley agreed to marry Dale Moss in Season 16 just weeks after filming.

    After reaching the finale, Clark suggested that Taisia ​​conclude her emotional run.

    In August, the couple celebrated the first anniversary of a meeting on a real-life franchise … and seemed more engrossed than ever.

    To wit:

    Taisia ​​Adams and Zack Clark

    “I met you around this time 365 days ago!” Tayshia captioned her lovely compliment on Instagram.

    “So far, our lives are progressing a million miles an hour, but we had a great week together where everything started and we were able to renew our wishes a year later. How lucky are you?

    “Wild … Cracky, I’m glad you’re by my side.”

    Recently, Adams is co-sponsoring again singleThis time for Michelle Young’s season.

    Zack Clark, fiancee

    Clark only said kindly about his fiancé during the summer.

    I wrote Zack to commemorate the anniversary mentioned above:

    “I hope your wish will come true. Take a moment to breathe and appreciate everything you have done in the last 365 days since we met.

    “You did more in a year than most people do in a lifetime.”

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