Sydney Blockade: Deltacovid-19 restrictions lifted after 4 months



Eat at a cafe in Sydney, Australia today

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Sydney is celebrating its own version of “Free Day”. After being blocked for 107 days to control the outbreak of the delta coronavirus mutant, more than 70% of people over the age of 16 have been vaccinated, allowing residents to socialize, eat out, and go shopping again. ..

“I think it’s the right time to start opening,” he says. Angela Webster At the University of Sydney, Australia. “The effects of vaccination are already beginning to be seen and the number of cases is declining quite sharply.”

Sydney and other parts of New South Wales Fight against Delta Variant Since arriving in mid-June, six months of execution have been completed, with few cases of covid-19 and zero deaths.

Sydney was locked down on June 26th to limit the spread of delta variants. In other words, people could only leave home for essential reasons, such as buying food. Regulations gradually tightened, people’s movements were restricted to 5 km, and curfew was introduced in some areas, but the contagious nature of the Delta continued to surge new daily cases, September. It peaked at 1599 on the 11th.

This rapid spread was partially made possible by Australia’s initial slow vaccination rollout. On the first day of Sydney’s blockade, less than 9% of adults in New South Wales received both jabs.

To encourage vaccination, the Government of New South Wales has pledged to release Sydney from the blockade when 70% of people over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated.

In the co-vaccination campaign, 90% of this group received one vaccination and 74% received two vaccinations. Approximately 68% of children between the ages of 12 and 15 also receive a single jab after qualification.

As immunization rates increased, New South Wales infectious diseases decreased to less than 500 per day.

The Government of New South Wales has announced that it will respect its commitment and will begin deregulation on October 11. Fully vaccinated people in Sydney and their children can now welcome 10 visitors to their homes, gather in groups of 30 and visit hospitality facilities and shops everywhere in Sydney. increase. These venues, if indoors, should be operated with limited capacity and compulsory masking. School will reopen on October 18th.

When the state reaches 80% vaccination rates for people over the age of 16 in about a week, fully vaccinated people are allowed to hold larger social gatherings and travel outside Sydney. increase. Restrictions on unvaccinated adults will be lifted on December 1, when the state is expected to reach 90% of vaccinations.

Infectious diseases are expected to increase, but high vaccination rates mean that most people will not become seriously ill, he says. Catherine Bennett At Deakin University in Melbourne. “In New South Wales, hospitalizations weren’t as high as the model predicted, and they were declining rapidly, so that’s a good sign,” she says. Australia is approaching summer, and Webster says the time spent outdoors may help reduce the number of cases.

Alexandra Martiniuk The University of Sydney supports the resumption, but to ensure that more people have time to be fully vaccinated, especially if the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine is soon approved for children aged 5 to 11 years. , I think we need to relax the restrictions slowly.

Melbourne’s 6th blockade

In Victoria, Melbourne, Australia’s second most populous city after Sydney, has been closed since August 5 due to the outbreak of the Delta. The city had six blockades during the pandemic – more than 250 days in total – Most cities in the world..

The number of cases is still increasing in Melbourne, reaching a record 1965 on October 9th, James Trauer At Monash University in Melbourne, I hope they start falling soon. “We are very close to the level of vaccination that Sydney has enough to turn things around,” he says.

In other Australian states and territories, there are currently few or few cases of covid-19 and will continue to close the border between New South Wales and Victoria until vaccination goals are met. ..

With a few exceptions, including Australian citizens and permanent residents from other countries, national borders were closed in March 2020 to prevent travelers from bringing the virus into the country. However, the federal government recently announced that when states and territories reach 80% of people over the age of 16 vaccinations, people will be able to go abroad again.

Although it was inconvenient to be cut off from other parts of the world, Webster believes it helped keep Australia’s covid-19 deaths relatively low at just over 1400. “So far, we’ve been doing incredibly well and we’ve been very lucky,” she says.

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Sydney Blockade: Deltacovid-19 restrictions lifted after 4 months

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