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    Suspected Omicron cases mild: leading S.Africa doctor

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    A South African doctor who warned Omicron said on Sunday that dozens of patients suspected of having the new mutant had mild symptoms and recovered completely without hospitalization.

    Angelique Coetzee, chairman of the South African Medical Association, told AFP that he had seen about 30 patients who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days but showed unfamiliar symptoms.

    “It was this extreme fatigue that led them to surgery,” she said from the practicing Pretoria.

    She said this was unusual for young patients.

    Most were men under the age of 40. A little less than half were vaccinated.

    She also said they had mild muscle aches, “scratches on the throat” and a dry cough. Only a few were slightly hot.

    These very mild symptoms, unlike other variants, Severe symptoms..

    Coetzee warned Health authorities South Africa’s predominant “clinical picture that does not fit the delta” Mutant— On November 18, she accepted the first seven of the more than 30 patients.

    She said South African scientists had already obtained a variant of it, known as B.1.1.529, announced on November 25.

    The news panicked a travel ban in South Africa as countries competed to contain the spread, a measure that the South African government considers “hurry” to be unjustified.

    Coetzee said it’s a shame that Omicron was touted as “this extremely dangerous viral variant” with multiple mutations, even though its toxicity is still unknown.

    The World Health Organization has designated it as a variant of concern, and scientists are working to assess its behavior.

    Highly mutated mutants are still evaluated for their ability to evade vaccines, but are considered to be highly contagious and immune resistant.

    “I’m not saying there will be no serious illnesses in the future,” Coetzee said.

    But, “For now, even the unvaccinated patients we saw Mild symptoms“.

    “I’m pretty sure … many people in Europe already have this virus,” she said.

    Official statistics identify almost three-quarters of recently reported COVID-19 cases in South Africa as omicron.

    Omicron infections have recently been detected in many countries, including Australia, Italy, the United Kingdom and Belgium, since South Africa shared its findings.

    “There will be more cases,” Coetzee warned.

    In the most devastating countries on the continent, daily COVID positivity jumps from 3.6% on Wednesday to 9.2% on Saturday.

    Although the numbers remain relatively small compared to the most affected countries in the world, approximately 2.9 million cases and 89,791 deaths have been reported so far.

    What is known so far about the new COVID variant Omicron

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