Super Bowl Host Cities: How Does LA Stand Up?


The 2022 Super Bowl LVI will see the streets of Los Angeles light up with sports fans from around the country. In fact, the city has planned an entire weekend-long series of entertainment, from pop star performances to viewing parties.

For the most part, NFL fans will be focused solely on football. After all, the Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting even in the US and now that the US has rolled out sports betting options in multiple states, there’s added interest.

Some NFL fans will also be checking on Super Bowl odds prior to the game’s kickoff—even those who only casually follow the league. Most of the bets offered will cover the game’s winner or player stats, but there are even boutique bets now that cover the halftime performance and commercials aired for remote viewers.

And why not? Sunday Funday isn’t just about football, after all. The NFL has gone to great lengths to create a spectacle that’s fun for everyone. There’s music, kitschy advertising from top brands, and a who’s-who of celebrity guest appearances.

For the last two years, Florida has hosted the Super Bowl; first in Miami in 2020 and then in Tampa Bay in 2021. This year, all eyes are on LA to host an unforgettable Super Bowl weekend, much like they did during the very first Super Bowl hosted back in 1967.

With the bright lights of Hollywood nearby, it’s bound to be another huge success—but will it best some of the best Super Bowl hosting cities of all time?

The Classic: Miami

There’s a reason Miami, Florida has hosted eleven Super Bowls. As sportswriter Thomas Galicia of Bleacher Report summarized, it’s like God designed the city to host the event. There’s the warm climate, which is a relief in February. There’s the country’s most famous beach and some of the country’s most culturally unique neighborhoods, which give travelers plenty to do aside from the game itself.

Lastly, there are the people themselves. Considered to be some of the most friendly and happy in the country, they know how to throw a party to welcome NFL fans—even if the Dolphins aren’t playing.

The Unsung Hero: Indianapolis

Few people would consider Indianapolis, Indiana to be an exciting location that would be able to entertain the some 70,000 travelers who come to watch the Super Bowl. Even worse, the weather is freezing in February… and their stadium is domed, offering little protection from the cold.

However, the area regularly hosts the Indy 500, which draws in around 30,000 more people than the Super Bowl. The city is also no stranger to hosting major NCAA football and basketball events, which means there’s plenty in the way of food, lodging, and entertainment that’s geared specifically toward sports fanatics.

So-Cal Battle: San Diego vs. Los Angeles

While Southern Californians likely have a strong opinion on the merits of each city, San Diego and Los Angeles have both proved to be quality Super Bowl hosts for similar reasons. The weather is superb, which goes a long way in boosting the NFL’s non-football events during the Super Bowl weekend.

Los Angeles has more to offer in the way of entertainment, but San Diego has just as many hidden gems for travelers to check out. Or, at least, it had plenty of hidden gems. In 2017, the San Diego Chargers moved to LA, which hints that La-La Land may have won the Super Bowl battle (for now, at least).

blue and yellow abstract painting

The No-Holds-Bar Best: New Orleans

Like Miami, New Orleans has hosted eleven Super Bowls—and the reasons are very similar. First, there’s the warm climate. Second, there’s the local population and their diehard love of having a good time. Third, there’s a culture specifically built around the local Saints team, which is palpable.

But the biggest reason there’s never going to be a better Super Bowl hosting city is because of southern hospitality. Like in Miami, New Orleans locals know their way around a good time—the only difference is that New Orleans’ official motto is literally ‘laissez les bon temps rouler’, which translates to ‘let the good times roll’. Oh, and they have Cajun food.


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