Sudanese army dissolves government and imposes a state of emergency


Sudanese troops disbanded the government and declared a state of emergency equivalent to a military coup after months of tension between the interim civil and military sectors. The ruling party.

A military takeover that protested and urged people to take them to the streets of the capital Khartoum was on TV on Monday. Provisional government..

He said the army was in control but would appoint a technocratic government, a constitutional court, and a legislative council. He said the military would prepare the country for the July 2023 elections.

A few hours ago, the Ministry of Culture and Information said in a Facebook post that the military was detaining Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdock and other politicians. In a later post, Barhan said, “We announced seize power in a military coup.”

The interim government came to power in 2019 after months of civilian protests against Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year administration.Protesters and civilian officials fall Bashir “revolution”It was the army that finally ended his administration.

The loose coalition that helped defeat Bashir in recent months has I was bitten by financial difficulties, Inflation is almost 200%.

Nabil Adib, a prominent human rights lawyer in Khartoum, said the military-civilian relationship had collapsed. “There are divisions and disagreements, and internal problems,” he said, often referring to divisions within a broad coalition of civilian forces over the direction of economic policy.

A statement from the Hamdock office posted on the Facebook page by the Ministry of Culture and Information said it was able to avoid blocking the internet, the prime minister was “kidnapped” and “the Sudanese people came out and made as much peace as possible. I asked them to use the means to demonstrate. ” .. .. .. To regain their revolution from these thieves. “

“The army fired live ammunition at demonstrators who refused a military coup,” said a ministry loyal to Hamdock, after protesters flocked to the streets of Khartoum. At least three people were killed in the shooting and more than 80 were injured in the clash, according to the Sudanese Central Medical Commission trade union.

The military takeover that took place early on Monday shortly after Jeffrey Feltman, the Horn of Africa’s US envoy, left Khartoum, was criticized by the international community.

In a statement on Monday, the US government said it was “extremely wary” of developments that were “totally unacceptable, contrary to the democratic aspirations of the Sudanese people.” As I have said repeatedly, forcing a change in the interim government puts US support at risk. “

African Union Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat called for “immediate resumption of talks between civilians and the military” and for the release of all “arrested political leaders.”

France’s President Emmanuel Macron said, “France condemns the attempted coup d’etat in Sudan on the strongest terms,” ​​and EU foreign policy director Josep Borrell demanded that both sides “get the transition process back on track.” ..

The Ministry of Culture and Information said Monday that Internet services were cut off from the mobile network and the bridge was closed by the military. NetBlocksIs globally monitoring Internet shutdowns and has confirmed service interruptions.

Mo Ibrahim, a prominent British and Sudanese businessman, said the military had been preparing for a coup for weeks, using “veneers of protest” and economic turmoil as a cover for its actions. .. “It’s a very sad development, but it’s not over,” he said, referring to the desire of millions of ordinary Sudanese for a democratic government.

The government has embarked on economic reforms aimed at reviving the economy on the verge of bankruptcy, including the elimination of high fuel subsidies and the shift to more realistic exchange rates. However, the resulting difficulties have been added to the popular complaints.

Sudanese businessmen have joined the desperate economic situation, saying the government has been unable to cope with the blockade of highways from Port Sudan over the past five weeks.

Sudanese army dissolves government and imposes a state of emergency

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