Stunningly well-preserved dinosaur embryo found inside fossilized egg


This reconstruction of life shows what the “Baby Inlyan” dinosaur embryo looked like in an egg.


The illustration shows a small animal dressed in a tight tack. The legs are pulled up, the back is bent, and the head of the Cuvier’s beetle is bent toward the tail. This is Baby Inrian, the nickname given to a remarkable fossilized dinosaur embryo found in ancient eggs and pushed into a modern bird-like position shortly before hatching.

The Baby Yingliang fossil dates back to the Late Cretaceous and dates from 72 to 66 million years ago. It is the remains of a theropod dinosaur called Oviraptorosauria, which was found in southern China. The preservation state of the embryo and its position in the egg make the fossil a remarkable discovery.

“”This attitude, previously unrecognized by dinosaurs Researchers at the University of Birmingham and the Chinese Geological University in Beijing led a statement on Tuesday. Fossil researchWas published in the journal iScience this week.

Fossilized theropod embryos show dinosaurs in a curled position before hatching.

Xing et al./iScience

Scientists estimate that dinosaurs will be about 10.6 inches (27 centimeters) long. The eggs are 6.7 inches (17 centimeters) long and you can see how much the creature is folded.

Fion Waisum Ma, a paleontologist and co-lead author at the University of Birmingham, said: Researchers want to study better-preserved dinosaur embryos and test the idea that they were the first to develop in theropods. This posture helps ensure that modern birds hatch well.

Steve Brusat of the University of Edinburgh, co-author of the study, described the discovery as “one of the most beautiful fossils I have ever seen” and “many of the characteristics of today’s birds are dinosaurs.” More evidence that it was the first to evolve in its ancestors. ”

Stunningly well-preserved dinosaur embryo found inside fossilized egg Source link Stunningly well-preserved dinosaur embryo found inside fossilized egg

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