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    Study shows protein that reverses aging of skeletal muscle

    This figure shows aged muscle cells (left). This includes many factors that have led to diminished ability to divide and grow. It also shows cells of the same type after NANOG overexpression, which reversed many factors. Credit: University at Buffalo

    A research team led by the University of Buffalo has shown that a protein named after the land of mythical youth in Irish folklore is effective in reversing skeletal muscle cell aging.

    Released on September 3 Science AdvancesThe study focuses on the protein NANOG, which is derived from Tir na Nogue, an Irish folklore site famous for its eternal youth, beauty and health.

    In a series of experiments, researchers overexpressed NANOG in myoblasts, the embryonic progenitor cells of muscle tissue. It means that myoblasts are aging and can no longer divide and grow.

    Overexpression improved some of the key properties associated with age-related cell degradation, such as autophagy, energy homeostasis, genomic stability, nuclear integrity, and mitochondrial function.

    Most notably, NANOG increased the number of muscle stem cells in the muscles of prematurely aged mice.This showed the feasibility of a reversal Cellular senescence In the body, this process does not require the cells to be reprogrammed into the pluripotent state of the embryo Stem cell therapy However, there is a risk of tumorigenesis.

    “Our work focuses on understanding the mechanism of NANOG behavior in the hope of discovering drug-discoverable targets in signal transduction or metabolic networks that mimic the anti-aging effects of NANOG. .. Cellular senescence, And helps many people suffering from age-related disabilities, “said the corresponding author of the study, Dr. Sterios T. Andreadis, a prominent professor of chemical and biotechnology in the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, UB. increase.

    Embryonic gene Nanog reverses aging of adult stem cells

    For more information:
    Improvement of cellular senescence characteristics in skeletal muscle myogenic progenitor cells in Aref Shahini et al, in vitro and in vivo, Science Advances (2021). DOI: 10.1126 / sciadv.abe5671

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    Buffalo University

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    Study shows protein that reverses aging of skeletal muscle Source link Study shows protein that reverses aging of skeletal muscle

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