Study raises concerns over implementation of concussion assessment in hurling


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A new study from University College Cork (UCC) excluded less than one in four intercountry harlers who showed signs of concussion during two years of play.

UCC Medical Researchers have conducted an analysis of the shocking events that can occur during all 2018 and 2019 inter-county Harling League and Championship matches.

They found that only 10 of the 43 players who showed one or more signs of concussion were excluded from play.

Players suffering from potential shocking events were frequently rated, but 81% of these ratings lasted less than a minute.

This is to immediately exclude athletes suspected of having a persistent concussion from play and to evaluate them medically using the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool 5 Protocol (SCAT-5), which takes at least 10 minutes to complete. Despite the recommendations of the Concussion Management Guidelines.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t identify a SCAT-5-like rating throughout the 2018 and 2019 hurling seasons,” the researchers say.

“In both Gaelic football and hurling, players continue to return to play at an unacceptably high rate without proper standardized ratings, despite the often visible signs of concussion,” the author warns. To do.

“Players have not received a standardized rating after a possible concussion event and will return to play at a high rate even if there are signs of concussion. Return to play without proper screening. Player to Concussion There is a risk of further head strikes and more severe post-concussion symptoms and complications.

“Despite the wishes of players, managers and fans Medical staff Care must be taken when deciding whether to allow a player to return to play. We need to implement standardized evaluation protocols so that we don’t miss a concussion and that players return to play only when it’s safe, “the report said.

Their study is published in Irish Journal of Medicine..

Head collision rates at the World Cup are similar, but women received more medical evaluation

For more information:
Darek Sokol-Randell et al, Video Analysis of Potential Concussion in Elite Male Harling: Are Players Rated According to League Guidelines? , Irish Journal of Medical Science (1971-) (2021). DOI: 10.1007 / s11845-021-02798-7

Quote: In the survey, the implementation of the vibration assessment in Hurling (October 22, 2021) obtained from on October 22, 2021. There are concerns.

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Study raises concerns over implementation of concussion assessment in hurling Source link Study raises concerns over implementation of concussion assessment in hurling

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