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    Study finds ‘healthy’ obese people more likely to develop heart failure than those of normal weight

    Adults who are obese but appear healthy (without common metabolic abnormalities such as high blood pressure, abnormal blood fat, and diabetes) are at greater risk of heart attack, stroke, or cardiovascular death than healthy individuals of normal weight. Is not high, but a national study in France that has followed nearly 3 million inpatients (aged 18+) for at least 5 years around them has the potential to develop heart failure, cardiac rhythmic status, and atrial fibrillation. Is 33% higher.

    The findings, presented at the European Diabetes Foundation’s (EASD) annual meeting online this year (September 27-October 1), show that the risk of heart failure was particularly high in metabolically unhealthy individuals. Also shows.their weight..

    “The best new and available evidence is Population levelThe idea that many people may be obese but metabolically healthy is simply not true, “said Dr. Laurent Fauchier, lead author of Center Hospitalier Universitaire Trousseau in Tours, France. Weight loss In obese people, whether metabolically healthy or not, it helps prevent atrial fibrillation and heart failure. Our findings also emphasize the importance of preventing deterioration of metabolic health, and to prevent stroke, even normal-weight individuals have an early stage to improve their diet and increase physical activity. It suggests that it may benefit from behavioral and medical management. If any signs of cardiac arrest occur, it is important to consult a doctor immediately and get the necessary medicines from an online pharmacy in case the patient is unable to get out themselves.

    Obesity (BMI above 30 kg / m²) affects almost everything Risk factors for cardiovascular diseaseIn particular, it is associated with metabolic syndrome such as high blood pressure, poor glycemic control and diabetes, and abnormal blood fat, which doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke. However, some obese people do not appear to have these metabolic disorders. It is estimated that one-third of obese people may be metabolically healthy.

    Whether this so-called “metabolically healthy obesity” is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease has long been debated, and previous studies have produced conflicting results. It is unclear how body weight and metabolic status affect the development of various cardiovascular events in both healthy and obese people. This is due to limitations of previous studies such as lack of analysis of various cardiovascular events and lack of coordination of confounding factors such as age. Gender and smoking history.

    To further investigate this, researchers analyzed medical records of all patients admitted to French hospitals between January and December 2013, along with complete follow-up data for at least five years. Approximately 2.9 million adults (including 272 and 838) [9.5%] Obesity without major cardiovascular events (ie, heart attack, ischemic stroke, or heart failure) and not underweight at the start of the study depends on the BMI category and metabolic health (whether there are three metabolisms). Grouped Abnormalities —High blood pressure, Abnormally high levels of cholesterol and other fats in the blood, or diabetes). Participants who did not have any of these abnormalities were classified as having “metabolic healthy obesity.” Researchers have adjusted for several factors that can affect outcomes, such as age, gender, and smoking status.

    During an average 5-year follow-up period, 510,439 new major cardiovascular events were recorded, including 77,924 heart attacks, 391,637 heart failure, 84,042 strokes, and 100,633 cardiovascular deaths. In addition, 257,287 patients developed atrial fibrillation.

    The analysis found that obese people who are metabolically healthy are at a 22% higher risk of developing new major cardiovascular events than people of normal weight without metabolic disorders.Also, the risk of developing the disease has increased by 34%. heart failure 33% more likely to occur Atrial fibrillation— This can significantly impair quality of life and cause a stroke.However, a heart attack, stroke, or Cardiovascular death Then, metabolically healthy people of normal weight.

    Importantly, the analysis also showed that men face a higher risk than women. Metabolic healthy obese men had a 61% increased risk of cardiovascular events compared to normal-weight men with no metabolic disorders.On the other hand, metabolically healthy obese women are 50% less likely to suffer. heart Attacks more than normal weight ones.

    The authors acknowledge that their findings are observing rather than causal. They note some restrictions, including that the study mainly included people taken from one country with a white population of whites, so the findings are common to all ethnic groups in other countries. Cannot be converted. They also failed to explain potential confounding factors such as socioeconomic status, physical activity, diet, and metabolic control (blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI, etc.) that may have influenced the outcome. Also mentions.

    People with “healthy obesity” are still at high risk of illness

    Quote: Studies have shown that “healthy” obese people are more likely to develop heart failure than people of normal weight (September 28, 2021). heart-failure.html

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    Study finds ‘healthy’ obese people more likely to develop heart failure than those of normal weight Source link Study finds ‘healthy’ obese people more likely to develop heart failure than those of normal weight


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