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Eighty years ago, on December 7, 1941, USS Oklahoma was one of many ships bombed and sunk by the Japanese Empire in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Nearly 400 victims were unidentified after the sinking of USS Oklahoma. Since then, the Defense POW / MIA Accounting Office (DPAA) has existed with the mission of identifying more than 80,000 military personnel lost in military conflicts.

Here, UNO’s Sachin Pawaskar, Ph. D., MBA, MS, and Practical Professors of the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IS & T) will appear. In 2016, Pawaskar officially Comingled Remains Analytics Ecosystem (CoRA) A project initiated to streamline the process of identifying individuals lost in the sinking of USS Oklahoma. NS The project has started When Franklin Daman, Deputy Director of DPAA at Offutt Air Force Base, contacted UNO’s IS & T University to find a way to make the long process of personal identification more efficient.

“Partnering with UNO to develop CoRA was an interesting and learning experience for all of us. USS Oklahoma Project Leader Carrie LeGarde said:“ We are ours. I’ve tried to create this system to help complete my mission, but it was a way to learn about development and collaborate with other disciplines. “

Learn more about UNO’s efforts to support veterans and military personnel

Since the start of the project, more than 90% of the 380 military personnel who have died in USS Oklahoma have been identified. This is an unprecedented rate, according to Powerskar, in identifying members of the army that were not previously identified. Such a feat is to collect specific properties of the recovered bone, such as DNA analysis, isotope analysis, taphonomy, pathology, trauma, and use the measurements to create a biological profile for each specimen. Achieved in. Age, gender, height, ancestors.

“This gives anthropologists a holistic view of what’s happening at the specimen, individual, and project levels,” says Pawaskar. “Therefore, the purpose is to make it easier for individuals to separate these bones.”

Since its inception, CoRA has transformed the weekly process of examining handwritten notes and Excel spreadsheets into a task that can be done in hours or days. The more service members can be identified, the more families can find the closure.

“I’m listening at a family event organized by DPAA with 70-year-olds. [or] At the age of 80, we talked about how they had never seen their uncle and how their grandma talked about them, “said Powerskar. “These stories can cause tears in the eyes of grown-up men, so we are very passionate about closing the families of military personnel lost in past conflicts.”

Watch: IS & T’s investigation into identifying corrupt military personnel that will be the focus of the Pentagon’s visit to UNO

With the success of identifying the lost people in USS Oklahoma, the CoRA project has been expanded to cover other projects that have lost the lives of military personnel, such as the Korean War. Operation Tidal Wave, a bombing operation on Romania during World War II. And the Battle of Tarawa in the Pacific Ocean.

The project initially focused on identifying fallen service members, but the CoRA software application helps local law enforcement agencies identify victims of crime, resulting in a large number of causal events. It can range from identifying victims of genocide to helping identify victims of genocide.

“And I’m sure there will be more projects in the future,” Powerskar said. “It is primarily designed for projects where the ashes are mixed, that is, the bones of different individuals are mixed in one grave or incident.”

Many have been successful in identifying corrupt military personnel and expanding the project, but some have not.

“It’s a pain for families whose families may not be identified, but we don’t give up hope,” Powersker said. “In the future, we always hope to see new technologies and breakthroughs that can make progress.”

Currently, the United States is one of the only countries in the world spending resources on the return and identification of fallen military personnel, and even if it is said that the most people were killed in USS Oklahoma, in conflict. The mission to identify all the lost people is not over. Currently some closures.

“As a civilian, this project allows me to serve my country and honor soldiers who have fallen in past conflicts, those who have served our country and have given their lives for the country.” Said Powerscar. “I am also an immigrant. There is no better way for me to do a meaningful job of contributing to my country and closing the families of these corrupt soldiers.”

The USS Oklahoma Ceremony will be open to the public on December 7th at 3:30 pm. You can access the live stream from here.

Students, Faculty Help Bring Closure to Families of Pearl Harbor Victims | News Source link Students, Faculty Help Bring Closure to Families of Pearl Harbor Victims | News

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