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Colorado Springs — The rise in stolen vehicles is driving crime in the Pikes Peak region and beyond. Some of the most easily stolen cars are those that are running with no one inside. News5 delves into the “blowfish” problem in our neighborhood.

Car theft has increased significantly in Colorado over the last two years. Last year’s (2020) Colorado Patrol reported an increase of 57% in the number of vehicles reported stolen across the state.

Here in the Pikes Peak area, scammers continue to cash out vehicles that are still running with no one inside with “blowfish”.

“We suffered a pretty big loss this morning. Someone stole his truck,” said Bree Monks, who lives in Colorado Springs.

The monks are trying to warn their neighbors just a few days ago after their husband’s truck was stolen right in front of the family’s house. She says her husband left it running.

“He ran inside with coffee and lunch, and it only took him about a minute or so, and he turned around and went out, and his truck was just ours. He was really confused when he went to the front of the house, “said the monk.

Monks, who recently moved from a country house, says her family soon learned that thieves were actively looking for these “blowfish” situations.

“There are a few neighbors down. I think his truck was stolen head-on after he started the truck last spring,” said the monk. “So, after talking to people, I heard that it’s actually what people are doing around here. They look for a track to warm up.”

According to Colorado Springs police crime statistics, this is a year-round problem and surges during cold weather.

“If they can get in the car, it will disappear soon,” said Scott Mattis, Colorado Springs Police Security Officer.

Matisse has worked for years to combat the theft of these blowfish, and he has seen how these stolen cars are being used once people have handed the driveway into the hands of the bad guys. Say you need to understand.

“They go to commit other crimes with these vehicles,” Mattis said.

Scammers are usually not grumpy when it comes to blowfish, but take a closer look at this list. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau These were the most commonly stolen vehicles in Colorado last year.

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Investigators say a stolen car is a major public security and police safety issue, whether or not your car is on this list.

“So they will attack law enforcement and others. They don’t care about it, yeah, they use them to commit other violent crimes,” Mattis said. rice field.

And when it comes to people stealing cars, investigators say they see familiar faces.

“We have many criminals. We can be arrested dozens of times for stealing a car that is sentenced to a short sentence. They came out in front of the court (appearance) a few days later and they Do you guess what you’re doing? Stealing the car again. We’re constantly arresting the criminals, “Matisse said.

That is why the victim and the officer agree. Limiting the chances of our car being stolen is the most important step in keeping people safe.

“Take the key with you, even if it’s right in front of your house, and take it anywhere,” the monks said.

Investigators say it is very important to report the stolen vehicle as soon as possible and share surveillance videos that could help trigger one of these crimes.

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Stolen “puffer” vehicles fueling crime and safety concerns Source link Stolen “puffer” vehicles fueling crime and safety concerns

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