Stellantis wants to equip cars with AI software to make money


MILAN — Automaker Stellantis announced on Tuesday a strategy to integrate AI-enabled software into 34 million vehicles from 14 brands. We expect the technology upgrade to generate annual revenue of € 20 billion ($ 22.6 billion) by 2030.

CEO Carlos Tavares foretold this move as part of a strategy to transform an automotive company into a “sustainable mobility technology company.” Business growth comes from the features and services associated with the Internet. This includes using voice commands to activate navigation, make payments, and order products online.

The company is expanding its existing partnership BMW For partially automated driving, iPhone maker Foxconn in a customized cockpit Waymo Bringing out the work of autonomous driving Commercial vehicle Delivery fleet.

Stellantis’ adoption of artificial intelligence and the expansion of software-enabled vehicles are part of a wide range of transformations in the automotive industry, with more fully electric vehicles. hybrid Propulsion system, more autonomous driving function, improved vehicle connectivity.

Ford When General Motors We also take advantage of dramatically increased revenue from similar online Subscription service.. However, automakers are facing fierce competition for monthly consumer spending from movie and music streaming services, news outlets, Amazon Prime and more.

Stellantis formed from a combination of PSA Peugeot When FCA Fiat ChryslerThe software is seamlessly integrated into the customer’s life, and the LiveUpdate feature provides upgraded services over time.

New products include self-driving subscription subscriptions and usage-based purchase possibilities Car insurance Alternatively, you can increase the output of the vehicle by adjusting to add horsepower.

As a baseline, Stellantis has generated € 400 million in revenue from software generation services installed on 12 million vehicles.

To reach its goals, Stellantis will expand its software engineering team from 1,000 to 4,500 in North America, Asia and Europe. Over 1,000 people on the expanded team will be retrained in-house.

Stellantis also announced a new partnership with Foxconn to develop semiconductors that cover 80% of the company’s needs and simplify the supply chain. The first microchip in the partnership is targeted to be installed in vehicles in 2024.

This is Stellantis’ way to secure a future supply of computer chips to prevent another global shortage that has forced almost all automakers to temporarily close their factories.

“This will accelerate innovation and improve our ability to build products and services faster,” Tavares said in a statement.

The automaker also said it is working on a new electrical and software system that goes into four new complete Electric car platform. The company uses the platform to, in addition to small, medium and large vehicles, truck..

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Stellantis wants to equip cars with AI software to make money

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