Staten Island Amazon Warehouse Worker Submits Union Petition


With workers on Monday, October 25, 2021, after filing a petition requesting an election to form a union outside the regional office of the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRB) in Brooklyn, New York City. Supporters raise a sign.

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Labor group trying to organize Amazon Warehouse workers on Staten Island, New York, have submitted a petition for the union to the National Labor Relations Commission, officials confirmed Wednesday.

Known as the Amazon Trade Union, the group first submitted a request for a union vote. In late October It has signatures from over 2,000 employees. But last month, the petition was dropped after NLRB decided that more broad support was needed to spur the vote.

NLRB spokesman Kayla Blado confirmed that the Amazon Labor Union is in the process of submitting application documents for the union elections. According to NLRB, the group has submitted the first petition to initiate the process, but has not yet submitted the remaining two documents, including one that indicates interest.

Headed by former Amazon employee Christian Smalls, the group seeks to organize workers in four Amazon warehouses in New York City’s provinces.

NLRB I need it Employees collect signatures from at least 30% of potential negotiating unit workers for the union’s petition to be approved. The Staten Island warehouse employs approximately 5,500 workers. Bloomberg..

“We have registered thousands of Staten Island Amazon warehouse workers who want a union,” the Amazon union said in a Wednesday announcement.

The Union campaign focuses primarily on JFK8, one of Amazon’s largest warehouses on Staten Island.Smalls, former Amazon worker Dismissed person rear He organized a protest At the facility, other workers have set up tents outside JFK8 for the past few months, providing food and campaign materials in recruitment campaigns.

Wednesday’s group’s “lunch strike” was organized to encourage Amazon to “recognize the union immediately,” it said in a release. In addition, the group seeks improved benefits such as higher wages, safer working conditions, longer breaks, and enhanced medical leave options and additional paid leave.

If NLRB approves the group’s request for a union vote, a second vote will begin within a year. In April, a union movement at one of Amazon’s Alabama warehouses was defeated.

The labor dispute is not over. At the end of last month, NLRB approved A new union election at a facility in Bessemer, Alabama, after Amazon discovered that it had illegally interfered with the vote.

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Staten Island Amazon Warehouse Worker Submits Union Petition

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