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    State Your Name – TechCrunch

    Here we go to the last show of 2021 recorded in mid-December. It was the last show from New York before Frank Ladice returned to London. It was good to say goodbye this year, but I was careful not to say good ridiculous things like in 2020. Satisfied with the friendships that lead us to Zoom, thankful for the flow of work from everywhere, and still productive.

    For me, the heartbeat of technology and its impact on many things we struggle with, such as politics, streaming, and the media business, is still clear. It’s crypto may find that moment, but I don’t bet on it. In the medium term, social networks are turning into topsy-TicTok and live audio, but don’t bet on numbers that turn on Wall Street. Newsletters are increasingly looking like publishers, and publishers are starting startups to lead it with a pass, but they need talent without spending money to maintain it.

    Since the twins of Bill Gates and Google ruled the world, we have never seen such a change in the stars that define the night sky. Dorsey, who invented Twitter as a side project, and Andreessen, who accelerated thinking from 1X to at least 2X, are now skating ahead of the times than the media wants. Television is gone and replaced by a hybrid of computers, mobiles and small movies that survive the huge mechanical movies of the 1950s. The Beatles are now old security guards and are struggling with the transition from child to parent divorce and rebirth. The more footage we revive, the more we notice the incredible courageous process they have opened to the door of our perception. Only they were too big to fail and did it anyway. Still, let’s see how far the collaboration can go. As James Taylor echoed:

    Just take a shower with love for your loved ones
    Show them how you feel
    Things will work
    If you just do
    Do as I say

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