Standing with Seth Rogen after a cheating scandal


James Franco How open Accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women Affected his friendship Seth Rogen..

“I love Seth Rogen. I worked with him for 20 years. We haven’t had one fight for 20 years. It’s not one fight. He’s my absolute We were best friends and collaborators. We just gelled and what he said is true. We are not currently working with or planning to work with us. ” Franco, 43, is a SiriusXM “Jescagle Podcast“It will be fully aired on Thursday, December 23.” Of course, in context it was hurt, but I understood it. I was silent, so he has to answer for me. did not.”

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The 127 hours The actor admitted it It wasn’t the responsibility of anyone else to speak for him, “One of the main reasons I wanted to talk about today. I don’t want Seth or my brother [Dave Franco] Or someone who has to answer for me anymore. “

In 2014, an Oscar candidate was accused of proposing a 17-year-old girl via Instagram. 4 years later James dean Star I talked about the claims made to him.

“In my life, I’m proud to take responsibility for what I’ve done. I have to do it to maintain my well-being. Something is wrong, Or do it whenever you know you need to change it. It’s important to do that, “he said. Late show with Stephen Colbert “What I heard on Twitter isn’t accurate, but I haven’t spoken for a long time, so I fully support being able to speak and speak. I know, as you know. I never want to shut them down. I think it’s a good thing. I support it. “

That same month, five more women came forward and claimed to be victims of James’ improper behavior. Earlier this year spring breakers Star Settled in 2019 proceedings.. We weekly In February, court documents confirmed that two of his former acting students had decided to withdraw their claims.

Following the settlement, 39-year-old Rogen revealed: He had no plans to work With his former Freaks Academy Co-starring again.

“I haven’t, and I’m not going to [work with James] now” Super bad The actor is in the UK The Sunday Times in May. “I can say that I despise abuse and harassment and never hide or hide the behavior of those who do it.

The Golden Globe Award winner explained his decision to be “quiet” after the claim was first revealed.

“”[It] It didn’t seem like it was the right time to say something.There were people who were angry with me and I had to listen, “he said of SiriusXM. Jess Kagle.. “When this happens, humans’ natural instinct is just to stop it. You just want to get out and apologize for whatever you have to do and get it done. But what it doesn’t do is to do the work and be able to see what’s underneath.

From California, he said, “I’ve done a lot of work” since the scandal became a hot topic. “I’ve been recovering from substance abuse before, and some are also related to addiction. I had to deal with the problem, so I actually used the recovery background to look into this and start changing who I am. “

If you or anyone you know has been sexually assaulted National Sexual Assault Hotline At 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

Standing with Seth Rogen after a cheating scandal

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