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Tampa, Florida 2021-10-08 17:24:58 –

Washington — Should low-income Americans with disabilities who are unable to work qualify for federal financial assistance?

The answer has been yes since the 1970s.

However, for millions of Americans receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), this program is often more frustrating than grateful.

What is SSI?

Supplementary security revenue, often referred to as SSI, began in 1972 with a new law passed by Congress.

It was aimed at helping Americans with disabilities who have low incomes. Many of them left the facility at that time when society began to close more of those facilities.

Over 8 million adults benefit from being managed by the Social Security Administration.

Thoughts from the recipient

Tyeishia Freeman’s life changed nine years ago.

“In 2012, I had a car accident that killed a person,” Freeman said with tears.

“It changed my life forever,” Freeman said.

“I wasn’t myself anymore,” Freeman added.

What is one of the biggest changes?

Freeman’s anxiety and PTSD due to the accident meant she was unable to work full-time.

“I’m a 7-year-old single mother,” Freeman said.

Like many Americans, Freeman had no clue that SSI existed until the doctor suggested it as a way to feed her family.

“I had no idea what SSI was,” Freeman added.

How much is given

The maximum SSI benefit for an individual is $ 794 per month.

That’s about $ 9,530 a year, below the poverty line of $ 12,880 a year.

“I should live, how?” Freeman said.

But that amount isn’t the most annoying to Freeman. That is the rule.

Freeman believes she can work somewhere several hours a week.

However, the SSI guidelines stipulate that monthly benefits will be reduced if you earn more than $ 65 a month from external income.

She also cannot save more than $ 2,000 a month. She says it discourages her from working.

“There are people like me who are worried,” Freeman jokes.

Frustration for professionals

Deborah Wagner belongs to the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati.

“It’s not keeping up with the times,” Wagner said of the program.

She says the SSI administrator knows how much the recipient will receive because they need to grant access to enroll in the program.

“Social security can see all your bank accounts,” Wagner added.

Wagner says that complex rules also affect marriage.

Suppose you have two people at SSI, each receiving $ 794 per month.

If they decide to get married, the new total profit is only $ 1,191.

That’s less than what they would earn if they remained single.

“For years, I’ve called myself anti-Cupid. I counseled people. Don’t get married. You’ll lose money.”

Parliamentary action

All this problem is that it is being done to change or update the program.

The answer is yes, and changes could be included in the next Democratic spending bill.

“We’re going to do something about this,” D-OH Senator Sherrod Brown told Scripps Joe St. George in a recent interview.

“We’re at least raising the threshold so people can start working and earn a little more and save a little more,” Brown said.

Brown is the chairman of the influential Senate Banking Commission. He thinks the rules should be relaxed.

For now, the changes could affect the Democratic spending bill being negotiated in Congress.

In the meantime, Freeman has sent the following message to Washington officials:

“Please be a little merciful,” she said.

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