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    Spider-Man: No Way Home — Our 10 biggest WTF questions

    hang on. How does the oblivion spell work?

    Marvel / Sony

    Can explain the ending, We can Check the whole And we can Talk about what the golden ratio on earth is..But I have some questions Spider-Man: No Way Home A pose that keeps you crazy, good or bad.

    If you’re wondering why no one talks about Uncle Ben in a particular universe, or how some of the ongoing logistics of Flick’s plot device work, you’re not alone.

    Spider-Man: Let’s dive into all the big questions that Norway Home left us hanging. (Note: There is not always an answer.)

    Spoiler warningSpoiler warning

    1. The villain has been reformed

    nhw still 126nhw still 126

    Marvel / Sony

    Did they go to the incident where they would have died when the villains were sent back to their own universe (but then the events were played differently)? Or did he have to return to the same place where Peter Parkers left (a few years after his death) and resume his old life?

    In the former case, the events on those timelines will change significantly. Norman Osborn would have lived after the 2002 Spider-Man event, so his son Harry did not take revenge on Spider-Man. Dr. Octopus wouldn’t have existed because Harry hadn’t funded the study of Otto Octavius ​​in Spider-Man 2 (although the Octopus accident could have happened anyway).

    It wouldn’t be too annoying if they returned to space the moment Peter left, but it would have been difficult for Norman in another way-his son died, and who his company was I know it will take shape.

    2. $$ basis

    spider man no way home trailer 2spider man no way home trailer 2

    Marvel Studios

    How does MCU Peter make money if no one remembers his existence? Did he sell Spider-Man’s photos to J. Jona Jameson? !!

    3. What magic should and shouldn’t do

    spider man no way home nhw still 107spider man no way home nhw still 107


    After the oblivion spell, if Peter tells someone he knew about their history, would it ruin the entire spell?

    4. To poison poetry

    vef 1630 v2013 1057 1000x563 thumbnailvef 1630 v2013 1057 1000x563 thumbnail

    Sony pictures

    Do you have an MCU Eddie Brock?

    5. BFP

    uncle ben suitcaseuncle ben suitcase

    Marvel / Sony

    Where is Uncle MCU Ben buried? He is alluded to by Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Peter has a suitcase with Ben’s initials at Far From Home, but Aunt May’s grave isn’t next to him. It seems.

    6. Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane

    big little lies rlktvqbig little lies rlktvq


    Does Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane exist in Andrew Garfield Peter Parker’s universe? Her scene was cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but I wish she had gathered off the screen.

    7. Let’s do more genocide

    venom social cropvenom social crop

    Sony pictures

    So do we never see Spider-Man fight Venom? Also, did Symbiote forget Spider-Man or remember again when connecting to Hivemind?

    8. Flash Thompson, author

    flashbulliespparker smhcflashbulliespparker smhc

    Marvel / Sony

    Is Flash Thompson’s book about making friends with Peter Parker now a work of fiction?

    9. All hail won

    wong doctor strangewong doctor strange


    If Wong is now Sorcerer Supreme, why does he need to fix the fight like Xiangqi?

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