SpaceX Starship Raptor vacuum engine fired for the first time


A raptor vacuum engine that fires on a Texas starbase.


SpaceX, Elon Musk’s Spaceflight Jaguar Note is in the middle of a long licensing process with the Federal Aviation Administration. Whether you can get a huge starship on track From the coast of Bocachica, Texas. Meanwhile, it continues its hilarious way of testing its super-powerful Raptor engine variant.

On Thursday, SpaceX shared a video of a raptor vacuum engine integrated into a Starship prototype, launching for the first time in dusk light at Starbase on the Texas coast. Technically, the vacuum is tested for the second time, but SpaceX is the first to test it when the engine is mounted on a rocket.

Starship aims to bring humans to the Moon and ultimately to Mars. The Raptor Vacuum (or “RVac”) engine is basically a “space” version of the Raptor engine that is lifted from Earth under a super heavy booster.

Vacuum engine Much larger nozzle It is also designed to work more efficiently in space than the “sea level” version of Raptor. Starship will be equipped with three RVacs and three standard Raptor engines for flight across the solar system.

Below is the test firing.

NS reports second static test fire Late in the evening.

SpaceX has a long way to go before it gets its starship on track.rear A bunch of successful test flights (((Including those that ended explosively) Having reached a height of about 6 miles (10 km), SpaceX is preparing for its next prototype flight.But FAA Currently seeking public comments on the FAA’s draft environmental assessmentIs required under the National Environmental Policy Act and is required before the agency grants SpaceX a license to launch Starship’s first orbital flight.

The period is expected to end on November 1, after which the FAA will publish the final assessment. More test shots could be seen on the ground if the government requested a full environmental impact statement.

SpaceX Starship Raptor vacuum engine fired for the first time Source link SpaceX Starship Raptor vacuum engine fired for the first time

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