SpaceX Inspiration 4 Civilian Crew Completes 3-Day Mission


After spending three days in orbit, helpers, community college professors, data engineers, and millionaires who funded the trip returned to Earth. It landed in the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday night, heralding a new era of dramatic and successful space travel.

The mission, known as Inspiration 4, flew off the Florida coast at 7:06 pm on Saturday. Each return step went smoothly and on schedule.

“Welcome to Earth,” SpaceX space director Chris Young told the crew when the capsule was floating in the water. SpaceX, a rocket company started by Elon Musk, produced the Falcon 9 rocket, which launched four inspirational missions, and the Crew Dragon capsule, where astronauts spent the last three days.

“Your mission has shown to the world that the universe is for all of us and that everyday people can have an extraordinary impact on the world around them,” Young said. ..

“It was a tough ride for us,” replied Jared Isaacman, a 38-year-old billionaire who led Inspiration 4. “We are just getting started.”

About an hour ago, a capsule named Resilience fired a thruster for 15 minutes and went out of orbit. When the parachute unfolded and hit the water, its resilience dropped to 15 mph. Within an hour, all four crew members left the spacecraft one at a time, and each was excited and shining as the recovery crew helped them.

This was the latest achievement in a year of spaceflight milestones.

A few months ago, two celebrity millionaires — Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, When Richard Branson, Empire Leader of Virgin Enterprises — Going to the edge of space for vehicles built and operated by the company they started, perhaps the beginning of a wave of wealthy space travelers taking short up and down excursions from the planet.

Lesser known than Bezos and Branson, Isaacman is now far away. At an altitude of 366 mph, it is higher than the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope, and its orbital speed is over 17,000 mph.

His civilian spaceflight was the first to go into orbit without a professional astronaut on board, and was also intended to explain what a more accessible future would look like in space. His three crew began as strangers chosen to embody the positive characteristics of mankind: hope, prosperity, and generosity.

The four astronauts were a close group when they launched. Isaacman, a high school dropout who founded Shift 4 Payments, a company that handles payments for restaurants and other businesses. Haley Arseno, 29, a medical assistant at the St. Jude Children’s Research Center in Memphis. Sian Proctor, 51, was the first black woman to be a professor at Phoenix’s community college and pilot a space mission. Christopher Sembroski, a 42-year-old data engineer living in western Washington.

For a short while, there were 14 records in orbit at the same time. There are four Inspiration 4 crew members, three Chinese astronauts on the country’s early space station, and seven astronauts on the International Space Station.

On Friday, Chinese astronauts returned to Earth. With the resurgence of Inspiration4, the extraterrestrial population has dropped to seven at the International Space Station.

The Inspiration4 mission was Mr. Musk’s latest victory. The Crew Dragon is the same spacecraft used to get NASA astronauts in and out of the International Space Station.

Now there may be new markets for private trips to orbit. Benji Reed, senior director of SpaceX’s manned space flight, said the crew dragon’s flight was “very interesting” at a post-splashdown telephone news conference. “And it’s growing a lot now.”

Orbital spaceflight is still expensive, except for the wealthiest, but Isaacman wants to inspire future generations to dream bigger by giving opportunities to represent larger societies. Said.

The crew received months of intense training, as NASA astronauts had to learn before launching on a SpaceX rocket.

4 astronauts Time magazine cover.. Netflix produces documentary The series following their training, and the final episode about their flight, will air at the end of the month.

Wednesday night lift off was perfect on time.. After the thrusters burned several times, the capsule was in orbit 366 miles above Earth and has been the best astronaut since the mission to repair Hubble.

Since then, at least for the general public, the mission has been quiet for a day, with only a few minimal updates posted on Twitter. The crew was not obliged to appear publicly as a private mission, not operated by NASA.

Twitter and Instagram accounts have been busy updating for the past few weeks in preparation for launch, but have remained silent in orbit.

The crew made a video call with the patient in St. Jude. One of the children asked if there was a cow on the moon. “I hope there will be someday,” Dr. Proctor replied.

Upon landing, Inspiration4 will provide 160 million, including $ 100 million from Isaacman, for a hospital that aims to treat children free of charge to families and discover cures for cancer and other illnesses. Raised more than a dollar.

Late saturday, SpaceX’s Musk said he would add a $ 50 million donation on Twitter. This will push funding efforts above the target of $ 200 million.

The crew also called the actor Tom cruise.. The online betting app also announced that Isaacman made his first bet from space.

On Friday afternoon, the crew rang the closing bell that brought them into orbit on the New York Stock Exchange, after which they gave a presentation. 10-minute live update on YouTube When they zoom around the planet.

“We see the world every 90 minutes. That’s how fast we move around it, it’s pretty incredible,” Isaacman said during the broadcast from orbit. ..

Todd Ericson, Inspiration 4 Mission Director, said the crew: There was a disease that adapted to the universeBut it was “almost the same” as a professional astronaut experienced. “It shows that the average man and woman are more likely to have space sickness than NASA astronauts,” Ericsson said. Some of the amazing science this mission brings.. “

Other entertainment projects in the work include a reality television show with the appropriate title, “Who Wants to Be an Astronaut,” aired on the Discovery Channel. The winner is to launch the SpaceX rocket onto the space station.

After this mission, the Crew Dragon Capsule used in Inspiration 4 will be refurbished and used in another private mission to be launched early next year. Operated by Houston-based company Axiom Space, its mission is to bring one professional astronaut and three customers for $ 55 million each for a visit to the space station.

SpaceX Inspiration 4 Civilian Crew Completes 3-Day Mission

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