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2021 was a year when concepts, solutions, and ways of life really began to take hold.

Increased shared micromobility and public transport on COVID contributed to miniaturization Electric car Mainstream enough for people to worry about buying for themselves.As a result, 2021 Electric bicycle, With 240% sales growth rate 12 months until July. This new normal has led cities to adopt infrastructure plans that were truly unbelievable 10 years ago. (Look at Paris!).

2021 was also the year when people, especially those in the city, began to speak openly about the impact of micromobility. Emissions Reduction, this is definitely greater than the emergence Electric car..

This year, we saw shared micromobility companies actually taking advantage of this humble shift in thinking. Electric scooter Electric bicycles take advantage of their market advantage to increase operational efficiency and keep hardware in good condition.

So let’s take a look at the top forecasts for the 2022 micromobility space, as all of this behind us lays the foundation for the future.

Electric bike for everyone

The trend for electric bicycles is expected to continue until 2022, especially in countries like the United States. Offering up to $ 900 worth of subsidies From the purchase price of a new electric bicycle. But the epidemic isn’t limited to individual consumers. Demand for electric bicycles from micromobility companies has also increased significantly, said Tony Ho, vice president of global business development at Segway. Segway is known for supplying electric scooters and electric bicycles to most of the shared micromobility giants, such as Lime and Bird.

“Initially, Lime was a bike-sharing company, but we didn’t go anywhere until we started using scooters, partly because scooters are cheap and easy to deploy,” Ho said. TechCrunch.. “Now it seems that the traction of the bike has increased significantly. The mix is ​​starting to even out and there are more orders to share on the bike side. For the city, that’s no. The bike sharing program in the first place. Please bother your head because there is. “

Fresh VC money is running out

Bird and Helbiz, Published, something Lime promised to do next year, And the industry is generally integrated under some celebrities. Therefore, the current market may mature at the cost of more VC funding and new entrants.

“After the Bird and Lime pandemic, I think investors have moved on to something else: Coco sidewalk robot delivery person“Mr. Ho said. “We still need a lot of capital to get into this business, and I think it’s going to be tougher for small people, especially because the city requires payment of licenses. insurance.. It’s no longer really a game for small startups. Anyone who survives the last wave will probably stay here. “

And the people who are staying are doing everything they can to reduce costs, become more efficient and sustainable, and be more compliant with city regulations.

But … the ride-sharing company may come back and play

“The orders and interests we’ve gained show that many companies are back in play, so next year, as people get out of the pandemic, micromobility will become a priority on their agenda. It’s happening, “said Ho. “We’re seeing some companies come back, including well-known companies like ride-sharing people.”

During the summer of 2020, the blockade of the pandemic caused micromobility to be in a bad state. Uber, for example, Sold micromobility company Jump to Lime, And further integration between the two companies continued. Last May, Lyft has also finished many of its fledgling e-scooter programsBut if Ho believes, these two companies could try to get back into the game before losing all market share.

Expect more AI and smarter vehicles to be seen

When scooters park their cars on the sidewalk, the city really hates it. They hate it so much, their hatred has revolutionized many companies and made them create some seriously smart scooters.Companies like spin, Helbiz and Voi have already tested a camera-based system with the ability to detect when a rider is on the sidewalk or about to hit a pedestrian and stop the ride in real time.Like the other Super pedestrian When bird Implements a similar advanced rider assistance system using a highly accurate location-based approach. This trend becomes more and more common as companies understand how to keep costs down and cities around the world get this fun technology.

Micromobility ADAS systems extend beyond the shared market.Companies you already like Streetlogic When Terranet Is committed to creating computer vision-based systems that enable electric bicycle riders in the consumer market to ride more safely by detecting potential hazards and providing collision warnings. These types of systems provide peace of mind and safety to the average person looking to replace a car trip with an electric bike.

Adding sensors to micromobility vehicles also opens the door to monetizing corporate data, said Horace Dediu, an industry analyst who coined the term “micromobility.”

“There will be more sensing, which basically means a dash cam, so more imaging will be done,” Dediu told TechCrunch. “We know this will be introduced in cars, but everything that happens in cars happens in the micro, and in many cases we can deploy 100 million vehicles without much investment, so more. It happens fast. “

By placing cameras in front of and behind the micromobility vehicle, companies can image the entire city like today’s dashcams, Dediu said. If these systems can already detect sidewalks and pedestrian lanes, they will be able to reliably detect road conditions that can inform the city through a shared database of road maintenance issues. Alternatively, micromobility companies can sell that information to cartographic companies like Google to give them a better picture of the world.

Given what other micromobility vehicles can do today, like torque sensors that measure user input, Dediu can offer businesses all sorts of “Peloton-like services” that come with wearables. I predict that there is sex.

Micromobility and Metaverse

“Meta, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple are investing billions of dollars in exploring interactions with people who have something in their heads,” Dediu said. I said I needed to find a way to get people to wear a helmet, so why not combine these two ideas into a smart helmet if you want to wear a helmet? Why not put on a smart helmet and make it as exciting and entertaining as you want to? “

Helmets with smart visors that reinforce reality when navigating the city not only make riders more aware of their surroundings and potentially safer, but also unleash the experience and move people out. You can, says Dediu.

“Micromobility and the Metaverse are made for each other,” he said. “It’s about looking up. Enhancing car experience It is nothing but looking down and being isolated. So do you rather look up or down? ”

Warning: This bond may not occur in 2022, but Dediu is confident that it will occur in any form, form, or form in the coming years.

New — heavy — form factor

The only problem with riding a scooter, electric bike, or riding a moped to work every day is what happens when it rains. According to strategic advisor, angel investor and partner Oliver Bruce, a new, more robust, new, more robust, both consumer and shared market, to solve this problem and address a variety of use cases. A closed roof form factor may appear. -Host of Micromobility podcast With Horace Dediu.

Companies like Alsimoto, who recently acquired Tilting Motorworks, When Nimbus According to Bruce, he is working on a sloping three-wheeled electric vehicle that is ready to hit the market in 2022 or should be close to hitting the market.

“If you’re serious about achieving the climate goals discussed at COP26, new electric vehicles will come out and need to be expanded quickly,” Bruce told TechCrunch. “I’m just really struggling to get the current electric car up and running. We don’t have the ability to do that.”

Micromobility integrated into the transit mix

“By 2022, we’ll see the application of vehicles to public transport credits,” Bruce said. “For example, when you get off the subway, you can ride an electric bike and it’s a subsidized trip.”

Bruce says this will be part of the side effects of regenerating all the infrastructure found in cities around the world, but mainly in Europe, building more bike lanes. But it’s also a feature that allows micromobility companies to significantly reduce the cost per mile of vehicle maintenance.

“The economics build up to allow operators to sell to transportation in bulk kilometers, after which they say they can unlock the scooter via a metrocard or app. This will be included in public transport in certain cities around the world. “

Better integration with maps

“Probably the next year, 2022, will be the year of software,” Dediu said.

Today, for transportation planning and cartography apps such as Google Maps and Moovit Started integration of micromobility options, Provides users with multiple ways to reach their destination. This type of integration needs to be enhanced to the point where the map acts as a search engine so that top transport hits can be seen within seconds.

“Today I want to go from A to B, and you get three or four options, and no one bids on my vehicle,” Dediu said. “I want to meet 15 bidders. Auction It happens every time you request a ride, just like a Google search. This is so obvious that I was shocked to be near 2022 and it doesn’t exist yet.

“But much of it is because there is no glue. Because there is no API interaction, when it happens on the sharing side, the sharing operator should have an explosive increase in the chances of bidding on Google. Map, this is a micro. You should make huge amounts of money from mobility. Therefore, monetization of micromobility is done through discovery. “

Sophisticated, mature and full of technology

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