Sony launches an electric vehicle company and exhibits a second vehicle


During Sony’s keynote at CES 2022, the company revisited the VISION-S 01 sedan previewed in 2020 and followed up on the announcement of the new VISION-S 02 crossover (above) and Sony Mobility. Apple has been obsessed with car manufacturing for years, but Sony actually decided to start a new company and roll the dice, a functional prototype that helps attract the public. I even have.

Sony Mobility Inc. will not be a formal business until the spring of 2022. The car sales department is actually more like a pilot program. However, it has laid the groundwork for electronics companies to become full-fledged automakers.

The company previously unveiled VISION-S 01 to show how sensing and communication hardware can be adapted for use in automobiles. At that time, Sony seemed to want to be an industry supplier specializing in connected cars and advanced driving assistance. However, CES 2022 states that the business is open to the idea of ​​selling cars, even though we tend to believe that we are only preparing for strategic partnerships with existing manufacturers. ..

Sony Vision s 01 exterior hero e1641494294984

“By learning our imaging and sensing, cloud, 5G, entertainment technology and content, we are confident that Sony has established itself as a creative entertainment company that redefines mobility,” said Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony. Said in the keynote speech.

Sony believes that as the world moves to electric vehicles, cameras, robotics and AI technologies can be leveraged in vehicles. With that in mind, it might be better to think of the VISION-S prototype as a testbed for its products and services. 02 Crossover (Sony calls it an SUV) features a way passengers can play the latest PlayStation game consoles from inside the car, including profile import / export, state storage, and even the entire game. Allows you to network with your home device. ..

Sony vision s 02 interior2

It also helped highlight the cloud platform shared with the 01 sedan, which has traveled around Europe for the past two years. But it’s not clear if Sony is patrolling the prototype to test its connectivity, or testing the vehicle itself. Anyway, it’s a good promotion no matter what the company decides to do next.

The car itself is about what you expect. The heavy touch screen and light design of the interior mimic the smartphone-type styling that has become tragically common among EVs. The look is also easily forgotten and matches most other compact electric vehicles from companies that do not sell (and sell) millions of cars each year. The Sony prototype has a 5G connection and has some unique features such as remote drive from the other side of the world. But they’re basically the same as everyone else has been working on for the last few years, and Sony has added a unique twist to it.

sony vision s 02 profile e1641494569421

But if you can’t buy a car, it doesn’t really matter. What Sony says is that it is “actively seeking” a commercial launch, which really depends on the business of being able to build vehicles on a certain scale. Unless Sony is ready to redefine itself as a company (and spending a fortune in the process), it will need a small partner to make it possible. On the other hand, the brunt of the press material is the investigation of the benefits of entertainment hardware built into the VISION-S model (panoramic touch screen, advanced audio system, streaming service, interior lighting solution, voice command, data cloud, etc.). Spent a lot of time on. What promotes them.

As a result, Sony feels more focused on selling these products than the EV as a whole. However, we are not completely ignoring the VISION-S prototype. They’re probably games for wireless updates (OTAs) that stay fresh after the first purchase and take advantage of the same adaptive skateboard-style platforms Sony has been working on over the past few years.

vision s 01 exterior3

The VISION-S 01 has a medium-sized all-wheel drive sedan clocked in at 5,180 pounds. Power is split into two 200kW electric motors, front and rear. The maximum speed is limited to 149 mph. The VISION-S 02 crossover has about the same dimensions, but with increased ground clearance and headroom. It uses the same powertrain and suspension (double wishbones on the front and air springs on the rear) while it comes in at a limited top speed of 5,467 pounds. However, Sony claimed that it could still exceed 112 mph.

Without the details of the batteries they use and some relevant range estimates, it’s a bit difficult to take either seriously. Sony said both vehicles are test platforms and are subject to change during production. I think you have to wait to see what happens.

sony vision s 02 interior1

Sony Vision S 02 Teaser e1641494419207

[Images: Sony]

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Sony launches an electric vehicle company and exhibits a second vehicle

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