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    Sony and Samsung’s zero-sum rivalry may be recast in the metaverse

    In all great historical rivals, from military commanders and sports legends to sodas and R & B divas, the desire to destroy rivals usually hides horrific awe.

    And for many hotly contested years it was with Sony and Samsung — two of the world’s greatest tech companies were fiercely and brilliantly intertwined in their war for domination.Since then, their strategies and skills (now Focus on Indian Premier League cricket,other $ 17 Billion Texan Chip Factory) It is branched. However, according to investors, the pair also appears destined to meet again in the Metaverse.

    Samsung, the most valuable company in South Korea, will switch from a ham drum product maker in the early 1990s to an unrivaled home appliance for memory chips, batteries, mobile phones and TVs 10 years later. It was a decisive emulation of the rise. ..

    When Samsung’s brand value (calculated by Interbrand) surpassed Sony’s brand in 2005, the symbolism wouldn’t have been more seismic. Even Sony executives later privately admitted that an important TV panel joint venture between the two provided a subtly defeated stage.

    But in the end, that humiliation was also the moment when rivalry began to lose its meaning. Not only was the other technology universe rapidly surpassing that type of one-on-one rivalry, but the two companies were in flux themselves.

    Samsung, whose content and software experiments have never really worked, realized that its future lies in the manufacture of the hardware that will support and host the next generation of the consumer technological revolution.Sony, after a very painful year Corporate slaughterhouse For the Holy Cow, co-founder Akio Morita’s vision of content convergence and control has begun to realize that it is more achievable than ever in its history.

    In the last few weeks and months, the strategic gap between Samsung and Sony has been more clearly defined — even if execution in both cases left some confusion about what would happen next. When Samsung announced the city of Taylor in the United States as a location for state-of-the-art semiconductor facilities last week, the investment (Samsung is the largest in the history of the United States) was another decision by the company for high-tech hardware and products that seem to have a global appetite. It was a typical bet. Never get tired of it.The news followed the company Presentation A three-year investment plan of $ 206 billion.

    Still, its commitment is vast, but Samsung is a more costly company and still gives little indication of what it has in mind. Lee Jae-yong’s third generation has just left prison and is expected to release his growing thirst for M & A during his absence. According to analysts, the most likely targets are further work on non-memory chips and hardware.

    Meanwhile, Sony has begun to describe Jeffreys analyst Atul Goyal as a “frowning” global fuss with 40 acquisitions, partnerships, and stakebuilding exercises since 2018. They have expanded the portfolio of video game studios, streaming companies, movies, animations, televisions and music producers together, offering specialized sensors on the hardware side.Last week it made progress on it Planned merger With Zee, India’s largest listed entertainment group.

    If some investors choose to complain that this turmoil is unplanned and a return to the good old Sony era of disastrous capital allocation, Goyal actually continues the crime. He said it should be seen as a coherent and transformative decision for. Sony, which has long owned a Hollywood studio, an important music business, and a large PlayStation gaming empire, is clearly looking for more dominant leadership.

    Currently, the strategies of the two Asian technology groups appear to be completely different, but they have potentially important similarities. As long as everyone knows what the Metaverse means, and regardless of the format or delivery mechanism it takes, investors are already betting on those who may dominate the Metaverse.

    Sony and Samsung look like solid winners for now. Two factors seem to be credible for the vision of the virtual world, the workplace of augmented reality, and all the other ambiguities packed into the story of the fledgling Metaverse. One is the constant incremental hardware demand for more memory, more non-memory chips, more sensors, and more displays. The other is the ever-increasing convergence of entertainment. If the Metaverse does nothing else, it could recast the resentful zero-sum rivalry as an epic scissors move.

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