Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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    Son of an Indian minister detained after a car killed a peasant protesting

    The son of an Indian minister was arrested on murder charges a week after his car collided with a group of demonstrating farmers, killing at least four people in a vibrant affair in the country. Local protests..

    Ashish Mishra, son of Vice-Minister Ajai Kumar Mishra, claims to have been evasive and uncooperative this weekend while being cross-examined for his whereabouts during the October 3 violence. Detained by Pradesh police.

    His arrest came after farmers and opposition parties accused the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party of slow response to the case.

    Results in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, are seen as a critical test of voters’ sentiment towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling party as India heads. election In 2024.

    Gilles Verniers, a professor of political science at Ashoka University, said:

    “They can’t afford to do anything because of the impending elections and the irrefutable video evidence that the incident happened,” he said.

    Farmers in North India have been protesting the controversial agricultural market reforms of the Modi government for over a year. push Through a parliament with little debate over a year ago.

    Enforcement of three laws that allow more private participation Agricultural market, Suspended 18 months ago, there are ongoing protests demanding that farmers abolish the law altogether.

    The violence occurred in the Lakhimpur Kheri district, a member of Parliament of Minister Mishra. Local power broker And a BJP member who was given a cabinet post by the remodeling in July.

    Protesting farmers deliberately drive his four-wheel drive SUV convoy to them shortly after the minister warned protesters that they would discipline them “if they had to change their behavior.” Claims to have done.

    A disturbing video uploaded to social media shows farmers slowly walking down country roads, raising flags and chatting, without slowing or stopping the SUV. Two other cars from the convoy also pass at high speed.

    At least four farmers were killed when they were hit by a car and dragged, while others were seriously injured. A melee attack that subsequently erupted killed four more.

    Mishra denied that his son was in the car, but the farmers categorically claimed that he was behind the car.

    Hindu priest Yogi Adityanas, carefully selected by Modi to become prime minister, initially sought to curb his anger by offering financial compensation to his close relatives, who were cut by vehicle.

    However, peasants and opposition groups continued to demand that Minister Mishra be dismissed, his son arrested and criminally charged, eventually forcing the ruling party to act.

    “BJP is in all forms Protest or objection Regardless of their outcomes or their ability to raise natural political issues to them, “Vernier said. “They saw the opposition hay it.”

    Son of an Indian minister detained after a car killed a peasant protesting

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