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    Social media is a machine of bad emotions. Why can’t it be turned off forever? | Sirinkale

    Me There is a fantasy, which looks like this: Political parties running on anti-social media platforms are formed. We are campaigning based on a pledge to ban social media. (“SWITCHIT OFF” is its easy-to-understand and elegant slogan.)

    When the party wins the general election and becomes known as Social Media Free Day at midnight, the Prime Minister pushes a huge button that blocks all access to social media. The crowd cheers. Of course, on the anniversary of Social Media Freedom Day, which is a banking holiday, kids burn Mark Zuckerberg’s Effie, twitter bird.

    I write this as someone who owes her career and her partner to social media. When I started blogging in the mid-2010s, I didn’t have the qualifications, connections, or experience of journalism. Through Twitter, I was able to get a paid internship to start journalism. My boyfriend and I connected via Instagram after years of liking each other’s posts. Much of my personal and professional well-being has become possible through social media.

    But over time, I’ve become more and more convinced that the solution to many of the most pressing problems of our time is simply to turn off social media.

    I have reported most of 2021 about pandemics. In particular, the spread of false information on social media has led people to refuse life-saving vaccinations. I have heard my family cry. Alive today Wasn’t it a social media conspiracy theory? The instinct to dismiss these deaths is ruthless. We all make bad decisions, especially when you have the weight of the internet squeezing the cerebral cortex.

    October, Facebook whistleblower Franceshausen testified before parliament About her experience working for a social media giant.There she saw evidence that the product was making teenagers. Anxiety, depression, suicide, And contributions to ethnic violence in countries such as Ethiopia. Haugen concludes that Facebook “prioritizes astronomical interests over people.” Still, the reaction to these claims was to squeeze in the hands and then shrug in groups. No one seems ready to take a step towards unplugging the brave, but necessary, damn shit.

    On social media, we see glyphers imposing quack therapy on impressive people. I see people rushing into a compulsive hatred of the community of people they have never even met. I see a case that I call the “poster brain”. This feels like habitual social media users are being forced to post content that is offensive and often ends their career. (Like the podcasters we announced to the world earlier this year He refused to feed a hungry child 6 hours until she learns how to open a can of beans. Minister’s Debase State office. Democracy has been destroyed When The genocide was instigated..

    And do you know what the tech overlords are doing while we fight on the internet all day long? They are very rich.They are Paddle board in Hawaii..They are Prohibit children from using social media at the same time Plan Instagram version For children, our children can grow anxious, depressed, and miserable behind their algorithms, but they cannot grow with their algorithms.

    And of course, I’m completely colluding. I use social media and try not to be cruel, but I lie if I say it wasn’t fun to see someone who gave a negative opinion, even though I hadn’t met him in real life. increase. Roasted by hordes of the internet. I’m in a bear hole, eating nuts and enjoying the show.

    Of course, you can also delete all social media accounts. Cancel the season ticket for The Discourse. Stop watching as the new villain of the day will be crowned on Twitter. Do you think I don’t want to do that? I google for “Lighthouse Keeper’s Work Orkney” twice a week. But I’m a journalist. The editor I asked for is on social media. I’m worried that it will disappear. Besides, I’m addicted. I checked Twitter, which writes this article, 8 times.

    I need a responsible adult to do it for me. I have enough bad feeling machines. Would someone turn it off? please? Is it possible to switch off?

    Social media is a machine of bad emotions. Why can’t it be turned off forever? | Sirinkale

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