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    Sister’s wife Meri Brown says Cody Christine is “feeling trapped”

    Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown Courtesy of Meri Brown / Instagram; Shutterstock; Courtesy of Christine Brown / Instagram

    Emotional conversation.Nevertheless Kody Brown When Christine Brown did not do it Announce their separation Until the beginning of this month, their marriage had been struggling long ago.

    Episode on Sunday, November 28th Sister’s wife, Meri Brown He told Kodi, 52, that he was worried about his relationship with Christine, 49.

    “I have to admit. I tried to be stoic [Christine]Kodi told 50-year-old Meri about Christine’s desire to leave Utah. It was like “I am”, yeah, I move. I am a game “

    Kodi told his first wife that he was a “perfect jackpot” when Christine previously brought up the idea of ​​moving, but he has no intention of leaving Arizona. Then he suggested she might be experiencing a “midlife crisis.”

    Mary, who shares her daughter Maria (26) with Kodi, explained that she was sympathetic to Christine. “To be honest, I She may feel trapped“She told Kodi. “I don’t know if that’s her feeling, but I’m wondering.”

    In the second half of the episode, Christine confessed that her relationship with Kodi was “A little hardAnd she Keep some secrets from her husband..

    The six mothers shared that they weren’t really compliant with all of Kodi’s COVID-19 rules and were spending time with their sister’s wife.

    “I will be honest with you — this is really honest here,” she told the camera. “we Janel [Brown]Home several times with my kids and me. There is no social distance. I just had to choose. I had to choose between Janelle and Kodi, and I sometimes chose Janelle. “

    Christine and Kody announced the split via Instagram on November 2nd. The fans were surprised, but the other members of the family weren’t.

    Meri Brown says Cody Christine feels trapped in her marriage

    Kody Brown and Christine Brown Christine Brown / Instagram Courtesy

    “It wasn’t news for them because every wife knew and knew about the split,” sources said. We weekly Exclusively earlier this month. “If anything, it’s Inspired some other person in any kind of way Reassess their position.. “

    Janelle, 52, spent the summer at her family’s Arizona real estate RV and is now renting a house in town with Kodi. Robin brown “Often” insiders added.

    “She is excited to spend her vacation with her children,” sources added. “Her children are her true family.”

    On the other hand, Christine feels “very empowered” after the split announcement, The patriarch doesn’t feel the same. “He hates Christine showing off how happy it is to be with him anymore,” said the insider. “They aren’t in good shape right now because of her decision to leave him.”

    Sister’s wife Broadcast on TLC Sunday at 10 pm EST.

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    Sister’s wife Meri Brown says Cody Christine is “feeling trapped”

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