Sister Wives Sneak Peek: Robyn Brown Tries to Explain to Her Kids Why the Family Has Fallen Apart


Robin Brown sits with her kids for a difficult discussion about the new episode of Sister Wives this Sunday.

As detailed earlier, Browns has become more and more disjointed with each installment payment in this TLC series over the past few weeks … Meri, Christine and Janel are all at a disadvantage to her husband’s strict COVID-19 protocol. It reacted.

How bad are things?

Janelle told Kodi last week to f-ck off..

We didn’t expect that day to come.

Meanwhile, in a clip of the next January 9th episode, Robin gathers some of her children to discuss family vacation plans.

((((Note: The episode was filmed at WAAAAAY in November 2020. )

Robin Brown and the kids

Christine Brown and Janel Brown had previously decided they would, as you see. no We are having Thanksgiving with everyone according to Kodi’s COVID-19 guidelines. Tear everyoneAccording to one of Christine’s sons.

Robin confesses to the camera on this sneak peek for her that she was “frustrated” and “slightly hurt” by the plans of the two spouses, but she was still frank with the children. I believe it is important to speak.

“Dad has put together a list of everything each household must do to allow the whole family to get together.” Robin talks to these kids..

“Basically, Janel said her family couldn’t follow those rules.”

Robin Brown seems to have a problem

Robin’s daughter Aurora reacts astonishingly as Christine and Janel plan to spend this opportunity in Utah with other relatives.

And disappointment.

“They are like constantly pushing for families to get together,” Aurora says during the broadcast.

“And when we finally had something in common like” this is what we have to do “, they went a bit,” screw it in “? fundamentally? “

Robin in pain

This is clearly a place where Robin is torn between his son, daughter and sister’s wife and difficult to get in.

In his confession, Robin explains the difficulty of having separate vacation plans while in multiple families.

“It’s very natural for moms to want to see the children they’ve moved in. It’s really not possible for multiple families to do that,” she says.

“Where is Kodi going? Janel wants to go to this kid’s house, Christine wants to go to this kid’s house. [Brown] I want to go to Maria’s house. “

Robin Brown and Kids

She continues:

“If my child grows up and leaves the house, it will be the same.

“As multiple families, you have to do things differently.”

That’s for sure!

Meri Brown and Robin Brown together

Robin is Kodi’s only legitimate wife and has long been regarded as his favorite wife.

She was willing to comply with his COVID rules last year, so she spent more time with him than ever before.

“I didn’t enroll in this family because I only have Kodi in my life,” emotional Robin tells Meri in a separate clip from this same episode released by Us Weekly.

“I love Kodi and it’s great to have him, but it’s stressing me.”

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