Sister Wives: Kody Makes His Son Cry, Blames Janelle for Everything


Kody Brown smokes as her husband.

This turns out to be true, as Christine left the Sister Wai’s patriarch in November and Meri was overwhelmed as a romantic option of all kinds of polygamy.

But as a father?

Uh … Kodi still has a lot to be desired in this role.

In the last episode of Sister Wai’s Season 16, teenage son Gabriel blew up his father.Stupid game“He believed he was playing when Kodi was infected with the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2020.

Kodi wasn’t just taking the virus seriously when these installments were filmed.

He set guidelines and introduced rules that most of his spouses did not find very reasonable to follow.

Kody Brown sitting on a chair

as a result?

The Browns spent away from Thanksgiving In 2020.

Meanwhile, in this Sunday episode, Kodi actually sits with Gabriel. Gabriel is angry that his father has not shown his girlfriend to Gabriel, despite isolating and respecting the dangers of COVID-19.

“Everyone in my family is focused on doing the right thing and doing the right thing, so everyone feels willing to take a step back and say that this is ruining our family.” ..

Kodi seems to have some understanding of where Gabriel came from, but he has a lot of responsibility for the situation of Gabriel’s mom, Janel.

Gabriel Brown

“So while talking to Gabriel here, I’m not enacting the law because I can’t get Janel’s support to enact it,” Kodi explained in his own solo interview. To do.

“It’s weird. While COVID was happening, I increasingly felt it was Janel’s house, not my house.

“And, ironically, this situation isn’t good for relationships, but Robin’s house is my house, my rule, and my family because I was there more. It made me feel like there was.

“I wasn’t what I call” more patriarchal “and more responsible, which has offended me for the last few years. “

Thinking Kody Brown

Oh, that’s right. That was always a problem, wasn’t it?

The Kodi doesn’t act often enough as if he were in charge.

On her side, Janel says COVID has challenged for her children because Cody was “dictatorial about his rules.”

Meanwhile, Gabe tries to infer with his father while his father and son are out on the coyote pass, but collapses after being given an ultimatum.

Patriarch of Sister Wai

“The real problem here is that I had to choose whether to come or meet your girlfriend,” Kodi tells Gabe.

“Why? Why did I make that decision?” Gabe replies.

Visit us every week to see Its exclusive sneak peak Along with whether Kodi tried to get to know his son’s current lover, he fully understands why Gabe thinks “COVID has messed up his family.”

What about Kodi’s overall relationship with many of his children?

Cameo Kody Brown: Photo

Garrison Brown just bought his own house..

Make that move what you want.

Sister Wives will air on 10 / 9c on TLC Sunday night.

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