Single Michelle Young, Naite Orkoya reveals wedding plans


Unlike many recent bachelor’s state couples before them, Michelle Young When Nighte Orkoya Don’t waste your time on their future.

“We are thinking of summer,” said the 27-year-old bachelor season 18 contestant. Speaking exclusively We weekly About wedding planning during joint interview With his 28-year-old fiancée. “In the near future we will put it that way.”

Michelle accepted a proposal from Naite at the ABC Series Season Finale on Tuesday, December 21st.

Michelle Young and Naite Orkoya ABC / Christopher Willard

“Nayte has always been one of the strongest, if not the strongest, connections,” Reed said. We.. “And what I wanted to do was to challenge myself to make sure I was open to everyone. single also Bachelor, With this short snippet, it looks like a short conversation, so things can change from conversation to conversation, [you’re] It’s not a small story — I’m not talking about my favorite colors or my favorite foods. Throughout the season, these conversations change very rapidly. “

Native Minnesota species had to be selected from Nighte And runner-up Brandon Jones Before handing out Tuesday Final rose.

Michelle was convinced about Nighte before her engagement, but her parents weren’t shy Express their concerns about whether he is ready to get married..But when she broke the news that she chose a native Texas species, Michelle said. We That her mom and dad accepted him “immediately”.

Michelle Young and Naite Orkoya bachelors in the water in the near future after family approval 2

Nighte Orkoya and Michelle Young ABC / Craig Sjodin

“It’s an open and fragile, very unique situation. And to be honest, my brother and dad are the two most kind hearts, but when it comes to emotions, what they do often No. And so, to be honest, it’s a kind of felt [like I was] I’m at home with Naite, “she said with a laugh. “This process has different layers of camera and production and is a very short timeline. I was able to get the answers I needed, and if I could get those answers, I would The family really trusted me in that, and they also believe that at this moment of high pressure, a conversation does not always point to someone’s personality, and they open their arms to Nate. Welcome, [him be] I am a member of the family. “

A couple announced as the holiday approaches After the final rose They will spend time with both of their families already looking for a home in her hometown of Minnesota.

“We’re tired, but excited and running adrenaline. We’re really happy to be out in the open. Do a little bit. For example, we’re both together. I think I’m really excited to walk around the airport, “said Michelle. “It’s gone through my head. It’s finally possible today.”

Nayte agreed that he was ready to accept the “little things”. We, “We are visiting our family, that’s for sure. We’ll bounce back and forth, but it’s going to be a great time.”

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Single Michelle Young, Naite Orkoya reveals wedding plans

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