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    Should e-cigarettes be licensed as medicines?

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    Nicholas Hopkinson of Imperial College London welcomed the move, saying it would give doctors another way to help smokers quit smoking.

    E-cigarettes are currently regulated as follows: Consumer products Cannot be promoted as smoking Smoking cessation assistance, he explains. Nonetheless, Cochrane’s review already supports existing e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid, as well as recently updated guidance from the National Health Technology Assessment Organization.

    The introduction of e-cigarettes through a stricter medicinal licensing process is ” Healthcare professional He writes that this method can help patients quit smoking, especially in mental health situations where smoking rates remain high.

    He adds that it could increase the confidence of smokers who were previously hesitant to try this approach and could overturn false beliefs about the relative harm when compared to smoking.

    He said that medically licensed e-cigarettes are just one of many tools to support smoking cessation when they become available, all ideally with psychological support for behavior change. Emphasize that it will be offered to.

    The debate over e-cigarettes interferes with other tasks needed to achieve Britain’s ambition to quit smoking by 2030, such as the introduction of a “polluter burden” levy on the interests of the tobacco industry and raising the age of sales. It is also important not to become. From 18 to 21, he adds.

    There are still more than 6 million smokers in the UK. He concludes that e-cigarette medicated licenses can help many of them lead longer and healthier lives.

    However, Jørgen Vestbo and colleagues at the University of Manchester have stated that e-cigarettes that help people quit smoking have not been proven effective and are potentially harmful.

    They say that people who use e-cigarettes tend to continue to vape, while most people who use medicated nicotine products quit smoking and resume smoking while continuing to vape. It points out experimental evidence to show that (known as “dual use”). They add that the spread of e-cigarettes also carries with it the substantial social risks of accepting addiction.

    In addition, many e-cigarettes Tobacco industry— An industry with a history of lying to the general public and spending a fortune on marketing, including teenagers. “We need to protect children and adolescents from these ironic marketers and allow them to be the first generation of a nicotine-independent century,” they write.

    Disguising e-cigarettes as a wise harm reduction strategy “risks to undermine sustainable smoking cessation strategies,” they claim.

    “Instead, doctors need to revive NHS-funded proper smoking cessation services, encourage politicians to raise taxes on products containing nicotine, and help further limit smoking and e-cigarettes. I have.”

    The UK has set the e-cigs to light up with a prescription for smokers

    For more information:
    Should e-cigarettes be approved as a medicine? BMJ, DOI: 10.1136 / bmj.n2912 , www.bmj.com/content/376/bmj.n2912

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