Shifting abortion laws cause confusion for patients, clinics


Chrisley Carpio and Victoria Hinckley, 20, spoke to protesters during an abortion rights campaign on Saturday, June 25, 2022 in Temple Terrace, Fla. A Florida judge on Thursday, June 30, said he would temporarily block 15-week abortions. result, following a court challenge from obstetricians who say the state constitution allows for the system. Credit: Jefferee Woo / Tampa Bay Times via AP

Abortion providers and patients have been battling on Friday to circumvent the legal situation regarding abortion laws and entry into the country since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last week.

In Florida, a law banning abortion after 15 weeks went into effect Friday, the day after a judge described it as a violation of the state constitution, and said he would sign another law. temporarily suspended the law next week. The ban could have a significant impact on the South, where the state has more access to the system than its neighbors.

Abortion rights were lost and they were restored within a few days in Kentucky. A law called the Violence Act that imposes a general curfew went into effect last Friday, but a judge overturned the law on Thursday, referring to abortions in one state. only two can return to see patients now.

In Texas, abortions for up to six weeks have resurfaced in some hospitals after a Houston judge said patients still have that right, at least until a new abortion law comes into effect in the coming weeks. However, the state has asked the Texas Supreme Court to overturn the order and allow prosecutors to enforce the current abortion ban, a situation that has further created uncertainty.

The legal crisis is likely to continue to cause controversy for Americans seeking abortion in the near future, with court rulings likely to increase over time and the influx of new patients from nurses who have dominate the state.

Changes to abortion laws cause confusion for patients, clinics

Landowne, Brooklyn, NY, wearing “Lady Justice” uniform as she walks past the Supreme Court during an abortion rights protest, Thursday, June 30, 2022, in Washington. Credit: AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

Even when women travel outside the states with abortions in place, they may have fewer options to end the pregnancy while facing charges.

This week’s Montana Parenting Program stopped the delivery of medical abortions to patients living in sanctioned states “to reduce the risk to caregivers, health care workers, and the uninitiated. safe in the face of rapid climate change. “

Planned Parenthood North Central States, which offers the system in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska, is telling patients that they must take both drugs in the system in a state that allows abortion.

Dr. Daniel Grossman, who heads the research group Advancing New Standards, said: “There is a lot of confusion and concern that suppliers may face risks, and are trying to limit their responsibility to provide care to people in need.” in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of California San Francisco.

Changes to abortion laws cause confusion for patients, clinics

Members of the public rallied to protest the reversal of the US Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade and Kentucky Prohibition of Abortion, at Circus Square in Bowling Green, Ky., On Saturday, June 25, 2022. A judge cleared the road Thursday, June, 2022. June 30 , to continue abortion in Kentucky, I temporarily blocked a statewide ban on the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal Roe v. Wade. Credit: Grace Ramey / Daily News by AP, File

Emily Bisek, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood North Central States, said in a “unfamiliar and scary” legal environment, they decided to tell patients that they must be in the state in which it is permissible to complete a medical abortion – which requires taking two doses. 24 to 48 hours later. She said many patients from banned states are expected to opt for abortion.

The use of abortion pills has been the most common method of termination of pregnancy since 2000, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved mifepristone — a major drug used in abortion. Misoprostol, an anti-inflammatory drug that causes abortion, has become an abortion pill.

Getting the drugs has become a big battle in it the right to abortionwith the Biden government planning to argue the states could not prevent the drug from gaining FDA approval.

Kim Floren, who runs an abortion fund in South Dakota called the Justice Empowerment Network, said the development will further limit the options available to women and it is likely that others will go to Colorado for abortion.

Changes to abortion laws cause confusion for patients, clinics

Abortion advocates gather outside the Tarrant County Courthouse during the Bans Off Our Bodies protest in Fort Worth, Texas, on Saturday, June 25, 2022. Exchange between the songs “my body, my choice!” and “Birth rights are human rights!” the people marched through the city. Credit: Madeleine Cook / Star-Telegram by AP

“The purpose of these laws in some ways is to intimidate people,” Floren said of the state’s ban on abortion and telemedicine recommendations for abortion medications. “The procedures to be implemented are actually scary, but they depend on the fact that people will be scared.”

A South Dakota law went into effect Friday that threatens to face severe penalties for anyone who prescribes medication for abortion without a license from the South Dakota Medical and Osteopathic Health Authority.

Republican Gov. Kristi Noem, a staunch opponent of abortion, said in a statement that “Doctors who intentionally break the law and prescribe these drugs to end human life will be prosecuted in court.” . “

In Alabama, the attorney general’s office Steve Marshall said it is investigating whether individuals or organizations could face charges of helping women financially and travel to outpatient abortion appointments.

  • Changes to abortion laws cause confusion for patients, clinics

    South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), February 25, 2022, in Orlando, Fla. Former South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravsborg urged the state disciplinary agency to press for an investigation on Monday, June. November 27, 2022. Ravnsborg accused the governor of impeachment and removal from office last week for his actions in the wake of a tragic accident in 2020. Credit: AP Photo / John Raoux, File

  • Changes to abortion laws cause confusion for patients, clinics

    Casper Byrd, right, of Bowling Green, sits with friends as they listen to various speakers recount their experiences of abortion and women’s rights at the BG Freedom Walkers’ game the overthrow of Roe v. Wade and Kentucky pull out of abortion ban at Circus Square Park in Bowling Green, Ky., Saturday, June 25, 2022. Credit: Grace Ramey / Daily News by AP

The Yellowhammer Foundation is an Alabama-based organization that helps low-income women close in abortion and travel costs, he said, was suspended for two weeks due to lack of transparency under state law.

“This is a temporary vacation, and we will find out how we can give you money and resources legally,” said Kelsea McLain, Yellowhammer’s health director.

Laura Goodhue, executive director of the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, said staff at her hospitals saw women driving from Texas without stopping or making promises. Women over the age of 15 were asked to leave their details and promised to be called back when the judge signed the order suspending the law for a while, she said.

Still, there is concern that the order may be only temporary and the law may resume later, causing further confusion.

“It’s bad for patients,” she said. “We’re really worried about what’s going to happen.”

More than half of abortions in the United States are now performed with drugs, not surgery

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