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Shawn Mendes kisses Camila Cabello with a sweet “Cinderella” tribute – Hollywood Life

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In a sweet compliment from her real-life “Prince Charming,” Shawn Mendes kissed Camila Cabello, praising her “real” work in her next “Cinderella” movie.

The day before Cinderella Arrived at Amazon Prime, Shawn Mendes Admiring his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, For her role in the musical – and he sealed his message with a kiss! “Congratulations, my love, I’m very proud of you,” Sean (23) captioned his photo kissing Camilla (24) on Instagram on September 2nd. .. In the photo, Camilla is wearing a flowing yellow tulle. Shirt while on the balcony. Sean in an open button-up shirt is next to her, kissing her face. “I have never seen anyone who appears every day and works as hard as you do to be truly professional, kind and genuine,” he writes. “I respect you very much. Such a beautiful movie with a beautiful message. [heart emoji] te amo mivida. “

Sean’s message arrives the day after him and Camilla Reunited in Florida. The two are busy with their project – she advertises Cinderella, He’s busy with his new song “Summer of Love”, so it was a fun moment to be in the same place at the same time. Sean arrived at the SUV and ran over Camilla, who shook her black bikini under her light pants, urging her to give a big hug to her love.

Camilla had to do before this reunion in Florida Correct some misunderstandings.. Some speculated that Sean asked a question after appearing in the TikTok video with a diamond ring on his finger. Appearing on August 26th Tonight’s show, Jimmy Fallon “Did Shawn Mendes ask you to marry him?” Asked her and cut off the chase. Camilla said he didn’t because of the regret of those who wanted to see him walking down the aisle with the “Stitches” singer. “I just swear to God that I don’t know which hand the engagement ring is in. [a ring] On my ring finger. “

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello at the 2019 MTV VMA. (Matte Baron / Shutterstock)

Cinderella Mark Camilla’s first acting role.She starred together Billy Porter (“Great Godmother”), Idina Menzel (“Stepmother Vivian”), Pierce Brosnan (“King Rowan”), and Nicholas Galitzine (“Prince Robert”), and James Corden, Orchestrated Cinderella-The theme “Crosswalk Stunts” that didn’t work very well.James, Camilla, Billy and Idina led the flashmob Stopped traffic in Los Angeles While covering Jennifer Lopez“Let’s Get Loud”.It ’s probably interesting to see in Late x 2 show, One Commenter To summarize the frustration of commuters, “Imagine being late for work because James Corden had to plunge into you in a rat costume.”

Shawn Mendes kisses Camila Cabello with a sweet “Cinderella” tribute – Hollywood Life

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