Shannen Doherty Shares Highs and Painful Lows of Renewed Cancer Battle


Now we all know well Shannen Doherty Fights Breast Cancer..

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, for which Chanen offers a very personal view of her journey.

Stage 4 cancers are often incurable, but treatments have improved significantly over the years.

Shannen shares some of the highs and lows of that difficult and ongoing struggle.

Shannen Doherty used Instagram to share two photos and a heartfelt message.

“During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I would like to share more of my own personal journey,” she began.

Shannen writes that this is her journey “from my first diagnosis to my second diagnosis.”

Shannen Doherty Shares Painful Chemotherapy Reversion

One of the two pictures shows Shanen shaving his head and having a nosebleed as a result of chemotherapy.

“Is it all clean? No,” she admitted.

“But that’s true,” Shanen asserted.

Shannen Doherty in 2020

“And my hope of sharing is that we are all more educated,” Shanen explained.

Her hope is that everyone will be able to “know better about what cancer looks like.”

“I would like to encourage people to get mammograms and have regular tests,” Shanen emphasized.

Shannen Doherty

Chanen wants people to learn to “get through fear and face what may be in front of them.”

“In 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” she recalled.

Shannen said: “I had a mastectomy and had chemotherapy and radiation therapy.”

GMA Shannen Doherty

“I had a lot of nosebleeds from chemotherapy,” Shanen said.

“I don’t know if anyone has experienced this,” she admitted.

“I was overwhelmed,” Shanen added.

Shannen Doherty IG Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021

“I was cheered up by wearing the funny pajamas that my friend Christie gave me,” Shanen said.

“Did they really cheer me up? Yes !! lol,” she shared.

“I looked ridiculous, and that ridiculous thing allowed me to laugh at myself,” explained Shanen.

Shannen Doherty in Cookie Monster Pajamas

(Personally, I think she looked adorable among them)

“Finding humor helped us overcome what seemed impossible,” Shanen observed.

She states: “I hope we all find humor in the impossible.”

Shannen Doherty reclines

Shannen shared that in early 2020 her cancer had revenge and returned.

But since then, the medical world has learned a lot about medical protocols.

Stage 4 breast cancer is unlikely to be cured, but treatment can significantly reduce the chance of reaching the end stage.

Shannen Doherty Promotes BH90210

Shannen has not stopped working during all this period.

She is showing two new movies instead of one.

It’s not easy, but she showed tremendous strength through all of this.

Instagram Shannen Doherty

Shannen also experienced a serious legal battle with insurance companies over a house fire.

She recently celebrated her victory in the battle as State Farm ordered her to pay millions of dollars.

The stress of a court battle is never easy, and it will not be good for cancer patients.

ABC Shannen Doherty

Chanen has endured a reputation as a difficult person to work with for years, but I’m not sure if that’s accurate.

We all know that over the years, some actresses labeled in this way have been unfairly swearing.

Anyway, we don’t want anyone to fight Shanen’s health and hope she’s in top shape.

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