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    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings post-credits scenes explained

    Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings feature two post-credit scenes instead of one.


    Once all the martial arts actions are complete, is there a final post-credit scene? Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring?? of course! In fact, this latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe contains two post-credit scenes to make fun of your next adventure. Ready? Spoilers come in …

    The legend of Xiangqi and Tenling is now in the theater (and reportedly Disney plus During October). “From the opening battle to the inevitable post-credits scene” According to a CNET review, “Xiangqi has the strengths and weaknesses of Marvel, and at the same time feels like something new.”

    So what about these post-credit scenes? Xiangqi, who saved the world at the end of the movie, will be introduced to some familiar faces on the Avengers star popping up for a cameo (appropriate for 2021, this conference will include a kind of superhero zoom call). Will be). And at the end of the credit, another scene introduces the new boss of the movie’s nasty ninja army.

    Xiangqi Mid Credit Scene

    The mid-credits scene basically continues The end of the movie, When Xiangqi and Katie enter the portal following Wong. Note that the action begins with Wong studying the ring, and the powerful object does not resemble any of the artifacts recorded in the Codex.

    Mandatory credit cameos come from Brie Larson and Mark Ruffalo as Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner.The banner’s arm is a sling, so if it’s a wear injury Power gauntlet In the endgame, Xiangqi can be dated as set relatively shortly after the movie. They may be two of the Avengers’ biggest brains, but both are confused by the ring. They can at least speculate that the mysterious metal hoop is thousands of years older than everyone knows.

    In the comics, the origin of the ring is that it contained the souls of alien warriors from the planet Makuru, the home of dragon-like beings, including the popular comic character Finnfan Foom. In the movie, our hero notices that the use of the Xiangqi ring sent some signal. There is a beacon that glows into space, who will answer?

    Marvel then jumps into the interplanetary business, leaving Xiangqi and Katie officially introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, leaving Banner and Wong. “There is a long journey in front of you,” Wong warns, or, as the banner says, “Welcome to the Circus.” All that remains is to sign a deal with a karaoke spot-and Wong enthusiastically participates in the Eagles’ round of Hotel California.

    Xiangqi Post Credit Scene

    There is a second scene after the credit. This time in Xialing, the leading role Meng’er Zhang is playing. When she takes down the poster covering her childhood bedroom, we rejoin her in cleaning up the childish stuff. She is supposed to conclude her father’s terrorist attack, but instead takes his throne, heralding a new era of tenting organizations. The era of graffiti and hip hop. Razor Fist has joined the old Fight Club buddy and a new martial arts trainee.

    “Let’s get started,” says Xialing ominously. “There is a lot to do.”

    The movie ends with the caption “Tenling is back”. But since they are under new control, are they friends or enemies of Xiangqi and the Avengers?

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings post-credits scenes explained Source link Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings post-credits scenes explained

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