Shailene Woodley Launches Bizarre Tirade on Instagram: Aaron Rodgers Has a Huge Penis, And He’s NOT Spreading Covid!


Some celebrities are friendly and give the impression of being on the ground. They are people who can easily get along with each other once they cross the road.

But Aaron Rodgers and his latest madness Fiance Shailene Woodley These impressions are almost always inaccurate, with 99.99999% of wealthy and famous people being drug diva who never want to interact with other farmers as long as they live.

As you may have heard before, Rogers tested positive for Covid I was very surprised last week as the Green Bay Packers quarterback claimed to have been vaccinated earlier.

Rogers likes to split his hair here and points out that he claimed to be “immunized.” This is stupid for two reasons.

1. “Vaccination” and “immunization” have the same meaning in this context, and the distinction between the two words is virtually meaningless.

2. When the reporter asked Rogers if he was vaccinated, the first word that came out of the man’s mouth was “yes,” so yeah … he lied.

Anyway, the situation is particularly troublesome. Karen Rogers puts a lot of Plebeians at risk by refusing to follow the unvaccinated NFL protocol as he becomes known forever.

Shaileen and Aaron

Responding to the discomfort of the situation is not just Rogers taking the L and admitting that he was effective, but a war against the media and what he calls the “awakened mob.” Is the fact that you are doing.

And, despite the fact that only actors may be less reliable in medical advice than soccer players, Shailene joined Aaron to educate the public with the information gathered from Facebook posts.

Earlier this week, I posted a photo of a man walking on the sidewalk in Los Angeles, falsely claiming it was Rogers.


This was bad journalism at best, and in the worst case defamation. Aaron had to deal with a situation like a veteran public figure by calling an outlet and killing a lawyer.

Instead, Shailene grabbed the handle and, for some mysterious reason, her reaction to the situation was to be ashamed of this random passerby by having a small cave. seriously.

“Literally, you need to calm f–k. It’s straight and cheerful,” she wrote in a long Instagram story.

Shailene Woodley of Italy

“The press is still holding a straw to look down on Aaron. He found a random f–king man on the streets of LA and told him,” continued the ferocious Woodley.

“I know Aaron’s body very well. First off his feet, there is no attack on the man in this land, it’s pretty big;)”.

Yes, Shailene threw a blinking emoji (what is she, is she now a baby boomer?) In case she somehow missed the meaning of this guy rocking a little king. Elegant!

Aaron Rodgers Ballout

“For those of us who know Aaron beyond the world of obsessed sports and s–tty media, it’s no secret that he has the hairiest hands on the f–king planet,” she said. I continued.

“This oblivion buddy is obviously not. Go ahead and zoom in.”

The contempt for Shailene’s common people was not yet clear enough, so she continued to burn this random stranger to be poor:

Shailene Woodley of Canada

“Also a cute car guy, Aaron never drove this,” Woodley wrote.

Now, obviously, there aren’t as many divisional problems as vaccines these days.

But while that may have been the focus of Shailene Woodley, her barely coherent rants should actually serve as a reminder of the state that unites the majority of us:

Shailene Woodley Red Carpet Photo

Let’s call it ordinary person.

In fact, no matter how cool they look or how politically they appear to be on the same page, celebrities don’t believe you belong to the same species as them.

In fact, you are not so important in their worldview, so they drag you into a pointless war with the media and think nothing about telling the world what they think of your genitals. Hmm.

Aaron Rodgers joins 2017 ESPYS

And these are celebrities who try to give off a “cool” and “friendly” atmosphere.

Tell us what you do about Kanye West and his likes-at least they know their madness and accept it!

Shaileen and Aaron really think they happen to be the rich and famous Earth Peep Salt!

Someone certainly needs to calm f–k in this situation, but obviously they took off their hippie cosplay to reveal if they were really elitist and ego jackass. Is a wealthy nerd.

Shailene Woodley Launches Bizarre Tirade on Instagram: Aaron Rodgers Has a Huge Penis, And He’s NOT Spreading Covid! Source link Shailene Woodley Launches Bizarre Tirade on Instagram: Aaron Rodgers Has a Huge Penis, And He’s NOT Spreading Covid!

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