Sex offender charged with attacking woman outside airport – Cleveland, Ohio


Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-15 18:49:33 –

Cleveland (WJW) – FOX 8I team Discovered that a convicted sex offender was arrested for attacking a woman outside Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

The victim was working in the terminal and told Team I that it happened when he walked towards the car on mid-Tuesday afternoon.

She was parked along a fence just outside Hopkins’ Orange Lot.

“I wasn’t aware that I was being followed, and the next thing I knew was that this guy I passed by was at my door,” she says. I did. “The next thing I know is that he was choking me. Throughout, he never let go of my throat.”

It’s not only scary, it’s also a survivor’s story.

“But I counterattacked, and I was able to escape. I was able to escape. Very scary,” she said.

As the victims fled, so did the attackers. Cleveland police found him in another parking lot.

Investigators also discovered that he was a convicted sex offender who was supposed to be under surveillance, wearing an ankle bracelet for his surveillance.

Police arrested Rickquan Bennett. He is to be monitored by state authorities after spending time in Stark County for terrible sexual coercion.

According to records, he was also convicted of robbery in Kaiyahoga County.

The attack also alerted other airport workers.

“I think I’m just scared to come and go in the car. I was very surprised that this happened at noon at the airport,” said one worker.

It’s not clear how Bennett roamed Hopkins Airport and carried out the attack while wearing an ankle bracelet to help authorities monitor him.

Currently, some airport workers are seeking more police patrols in the parking lot.

Victims give advice to everyone.

“I just want people to be aware of their surroundings,” she said.

Late Wednesday, police charged him with kidnapping. Bennett will go to the judge on Thursday and a grand jury may add more fees later.

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