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    Sex Education Season 3 Creates a New Star in Mimi Keene

    Yeah, I’m going a long way. Do you know the reason? Because you can see all the small animals. It’s fun. I drive at night so I can drive around. It can take as little as 2 hours or 4 hours. It was a good 4 hours. I love driving. It’s my favorite activity in the world. That’s why I like driving scenes. Our director, Ben Taylor, loves my driving scene. I always take a little action to make it really look good.

    It’s unbelievable, but have you ever stayed somewhere? I get tired when I’m in the car for so long.

    There is a day when I drive there and go home the same day. You can’t tire me with driving. I never get tired of it. I can drive all day long. I may have been a driver.

    You are cheerfulWhen I was on the set sex education In 2019, I needed to see it up close, so I asked them to take me to Jean and Otis’s house. It looks like magic overlooking the water, so I hardly thought it was a real house.

    very. I was able to do some scenes there this season. I had never been there before, so it was a lot of fun. beautiful. You can hardly believe it is real. I’m sure someone painted it.

    Who is the co-star who hurt you the most?

    I think it might be Chuti Gatuwa who plays Eric. Yeah, definitely. He makes me laugh too much.

    Who are the co-stars you can talk about?

    Chaneil Kular who plays Ncuti and Anwar. It must be a draw between Ncuti and Chaneil.

    Sam Taylor / Netflix

    This season you are working very closely with Asa Butterfield, who plays Otis. How was it like?

    Oh, it was a lot of fun. There were many scenes together. There were some very nervous scenes and he was very relaxed. We had a lot of fun because he makes you feel really comfortable. I sang a lot. I taught him all the words from the Cardi B song. I really enjoyed playing games with him. It was great.

    Is there a ritual or super station in front of the scene?

    There is literally nothing, be it lemonade or water, except that I like to drink whatever I drink. I just want to make sure I’m hydrating. Otherwise, I might have to quit, so I went for a while. I don’t want to feel any more stress. But that’s always fine. When you start, your restraints emerge. If you’re shooting something a little sensitive, it’s a closed set, so it’s useful.

    Sex Education Season 3 Creates a New Star in Mimi Keene Source link Sex Education Season 3 Creates a New Star in Mimi Keene

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